Felicity Huffman Spotted Going For A Ride In A Porsche Following Prison Release

Paul Marotta Getty Images

Felicity Huffman is now once again a free woman following her release from prison for her role in the college admissions scandal. Huffman was most recently spotted on Friday riding in a classic Porsche alongside her husband actor William H. Macy in Los Angeles. Huffman sat in the passenger seat wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat to shield her face, while Macy sat behind the wheel sporting a pair of sunglasses, according to People.

In the photo paparazzi captured of the celebrity couple, the Desperate Housewives star can be seen pointing out something in the distance to her husband, her expression serious. Huffman’s Friday outing with her husband is one of the only times she’s been caught out and about since her prison release on October 25. The star was also spotted this past Monday, again with 69-year-old Macy at her side. On that particular occasion, the couple was headed to a superior courthouse in Los Angeles.

Even though Huffman’s time behind bars is over, it is not surprising that the pair had to stop by the courthouse this past week. The actress still has a year of probation ahead of her as part of her sentence and will have to regularly report to a probation officer. She’ll also have 250 hours of community service to complete. Her sentence also included a $30,000 fine which she has already paid in full.

Huffman was originally sentenced to 14 days in prison after pleading guilty to paying $15,000 in bribery funds to have her daughter’s SAT exam responses corrected so she would score higher on the exam and have a better chance at getting into the college of her choice. Nevertheless, the actress was ultimately released two days early due to two reasons. First of all, she had already served some time behind bars after her initial arrest which was contributed to her overall time. Second of all, she was scheduled to be released over the weekend and it is customary for prisoners that are to be released over the weekend to be freed on Friday.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, an inside source revealed that Huffman was grateful about her early release and is relieved to be a free woman once again. The source also discussed Huffman’s experience behind bars.

“It was very isolating, she felt trapped and claustrophobic, but she never complained. She didn’t have an appetite, she lost a little weight, but she did eat some of the food, which wasn’t tasty at all.”