Jessica Weaver Flaunts Her Amazing Curves And Abs In New Video

Jessica WeaverInstagram

American model Jessica Weaver recently took to her Instagram page and shared a new video with her fans in which she was featured flaunting her amazing figure.

The video was filmed while the model was sitting in a moving car. The shaky quality of the clip shows that she filmed it herself while keeping the camera on the dashboard.

Jessica could be seen wearing a light gray t-shirt bra that she teamed with a pair of jeans — an ensemble that allowed her to show off an ample amount of cleavage as well as her perfectly-toned abs and slim waist.

The stunner wore her blond tresses down and decided to keep it natural by opting for an almost no-makeup look. Nonetheless, she looked effortlessly beautiful.

At the beginning of the clip, the model could be seen shaking her breasts to titillate her fans. Later on, she leaned back against her seat and ran her hands through her hair before raising both her arms up and folding them on top of her head. Finally, the model closed her eyes to strike a pose.

According to the geotag, the video was filmed in Orange County, California, while in the caption, the model informed her fans that she filmed the video on her way home from the doctor’s clinic.

The fitness model also wrote that she had not been feeling well for the past eight days. Initially, Jessica thought that she had caught flu but her diagnosis revealed that she has developed a sinus or bronchitis infection.

Within a day of posting, the video has racked up more than 226,000 likes and almost 1,450 comments in which fans wished the model a speedy recovery. Others fans, per usual, praised Jessica for her amazing body and showered her with numerous compliments.

Apart from her regular fans and followers, some of Jessica’s fellow models and influencers also liked and commented on the post. These included Aisha Vicky, Ana Lorde, Toochi Kash, Nannette Hammond, and Diana Browny, among others.

“You’re looking amazing. I hope you start feeling better soon,” one of her fans commented on the post.

“You get more and more beautiful! How that’s possible?” a follower questioned the model.

“Oh no! I hope you feel better. Even when you’re sick, you look amazing,” a third admirer chimed in.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan wrote that Jessica is so beautiful that he can’t take his eyes off her.

The remaining fans used words and phrases like “sexy,” “you’re a goddess,” and “definition of perfection,” to praise the hottie.