Paddy McGuinness Slams ‘Ignorant Tool’ Who Criticized His Family For Not ‘Looking Disabled’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Paddy McGuinness lit his Twitter account on fire roughly 12 hours ago after a heated encounter with a complete stranger over whether his family “looked disabled” enough for handicap parking.

“Just had a deep breathe and walk away moment,” McGuinness penned at the beginning of his mini Twitter storm.

McGuinness proceeded to explain that he parked in a handicap parking space while his children were unloaded from his vehicle so they could go play at a play center. He added that despite having all of the necessary tags to verify his vehicle was allowed to park in a handicap space, he still had a random stranger come over and pass judgment on his family. He said the individual approached him and noted that his family didn’t “look disabled.”

Notably, Paddy tossed the hashtag “#ignorance” at the end of each of his tweets. In the second tweet, he revealed that he kept calm while his children went into the play center blissfully unaware of the individual that had approached them.

“Once they’d happily gone in I approached this ignorant tool. All I wanted to do was bounce him off every car but there would only be one loser in that, me!” Padded added.

In his third tweet, Paddy explained that he tried to turn the encounter in a moment of awareness. He wanted the man to understand that disabilities are not all the same. Moreover, he wanted to ask the man what someone with a disability looked like exactly.

According to Paddy’s fourth tweet, the “sad individual” was also in a handicapped parking spot. Paddy, however, never considered judging why the “able bodied” individual might need a handicapped spot.

“Unless you get a blue badge for being an ignorant prick? He was clearly qualified!” McGuinness continued to fume.

In his fifth tweet, Paddy admitted that there was a time in his life where he would have approached the situation differently. He believed he would have gotten aggressive, made the front page of tabloids, angered his wife, and possibly lost his job.

“I’m so glad I took that deep breathe and handled the situation calmly. I feel better for it and hopefully that ignorant person might think twice next time or indeed learn that all disabilities are different.” Paddy penned in his sixth tweet.

In the final tweet of his rampage, he encouraged other members of the autism community to follow his lead. In addition to the ignorance hashtag, he also added one for autism awareness and hypermobility.

Paddy is the proud father of two autistic 6-year-old twins, Leo and Penelope, whom he shares with his wife Christina. They also have a 3-year-old daughter named Felicity. While Paddy and his wife also believe their youngest daughter might be autistic as well, she does not have an official diagnosis.

As The Inquisitr reported during Christmas time of last year, the duo has always been very open about how their family adjusts and accommodates their autistic children. For example, last year was huge for the McGuinness family as it was the first time they’d put up a Christmas tree in five years.

Paddy’s outrage on Twitter was met with tons of responses. Many of those who took the time to reply to some of the tweets echoed his feeling as they had experienced their own versions of the same situation.

His wife also took to Instagram roughly seven hours ago to share her own version of what happened. The Housewives of Cheshire star sounded heartbroken in her video clip as she didn’t understand why the man felt the need to judge her family in the first place.