Donald Trump Has More To Worry About Than Impeachment, Says Former Hillary Clinton Adviser

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines argued that President Donald Trump has more to worry about than impeachment, Raw Story reports.

Reines appeared on MSNBC to discuss Trump’s electoral prospects, and the 2020 presidential election.

The former Clinton adviser argued that being impeached by the House of Representatives should be the least of Trump’s worries, suggesting that the president should be more worried about losing independent voters.

In 2016, Reines opined, Trump won independents because “they believed what he was saying,” or at least wanted to believe in him because they didn’t like his opponent.

When Trump ran against Clinton, Reines reminded the viewers, he asked independent voters, “What do you have to lose?”

Many voted for him, but will they do the same in 2020?

“They now have, going on a three-year record,” Reines said, “we now have a record of what we had to lose. In simple terms we have lost our country.”

The former Clinton adviser said that the president should not worry about Democrats, the vast majority of whom are in favor of impeachment and removal, but independents, because they are starting to lean toward impeachment as well, which suggests that they could vote for a Democrat in 2020.

“It’s independents, it’s young people, it’s people that skewed his way and put him in office, and those are the exact people who are leaning towards impeachment and his removal.”

Reines did not address the prospect of Clinton entering the race in his latest interview, but he recently suggested to Fox News that the former secretary of state might do just that.

On Tucker Carlson‘s show, Reines refused to rule out the possibility of Clinton running, arguing that she “might be” the best person to run against Trump, or Mike Pence, in case Trump is impeached and removed. He acknowledged, however, that the chances of Clinton entering the presidential race at this stage are low.

Most polls have suggested that top Democratic contenders would beat Trump in 2020. As Vox reported, former Vice President Joe Biden and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders do best against Trump in head-to-head match-up polls. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would also beat Trump, some polls suggest.

However, as the publication noted, hypothetical match-ups are hardly reliable at this point, given that a lot is guaranteed to change until Democrats pick their nominee.

An Economist/YouGov poll released in July found that Sanders and entrepreneur Andrew Yang are the only two Democratic candidates gaining double-digit support from voters who backed Trump in 2016.