Kaley Cuoco Shares Adorable Snap Snuggling With Husband Karl Cook On A Lazy Sunday

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are enjoying a lazy Sunday together, and the actress's Instagram followers are getting a close-up glimpse of it.

Kaley took to Instagram on Sunday to share a picture of herself cuddled up with her husband inside a fluffy white blanket. Karl nuzzled his head into his wife's neck in the picture and Kaley wore a smile as she looked away from the camera. In the caption for the shot, Kaley wrote that the two were "soakin it all up" on their Sunday.

The adorable photo was a big hit with Kaley's fans, attracting more than 140,000 likes and all manner of comments on how cute the two looked together.

"I love you two," wrote actress Ashley Aubra Jones, a close friend of Kaley and Karl.

"So cuteee love you twooo," another fan wrote.

Kaley's followers have gotten used to seeing plenty of affection between the actress and her husband. Kaley frequently posts sweet shots of herself together with Karl, including a recent Instagram post where she and her husband shared a hug with one of their beloved dogs.

While it's not clear what motivated Kaley to post the loved-up shot on Sunday, it appears to be a response to some lingering rumors that the two were on shaky ground. As The Inquisitr noted, some tabloid reports claimed that the couple was drifting apart and could be headed for a divorce, though Kaley has started to take on these rumors.

Earlier on Sunday, Kaley posted a short video to her Instagram stories showing Karl shirtless and sitting at the kitchen counter while looking at his phone. Kaley mocked irritation that he wasn't giving his attention to her instead.

"Can you please pay attention to me?" Kaley asked. "You know, the world thinks we're getting a divorce."

The post of the two snuggled up in a blanket came just a few hours later, which seemed to show Kaley throwing cold water on the unsourced reports of their marriage demise. The actress has never been shy about addressing the rumors around her love life, and she frequently uses Instagram to respond to those reports.

There have not been any outward signs of marital distress for Karl and Kaley, who were married in a ceremony last year, but the two have been open about the challenges of being apart. The two have at times taken up different residences as Kaley works in Hollywood and Karl as a professional equestrian.