Redbox Instant Launches Out Of Beta, Publicly Available Starting Today

Redbox Instant Public Release

Redbox Instant launched to the public on Thursday. The internet streaming movie platform provides four-one-night DVD rentals per month alongside a library of on-demand movies. The company is essentially mimicking the Netflix and Amazon Instant Prime setups without an emphasis on TV series.

Redbox launched its Instant platform in beta form a few short months ago, almost one year after the company announced its new partnership with Verizon.

Redbox Instant is a scaled down movie service, which offers around 4,600 movie titles at the time of launch. The company is offering a one month trial for free, and that free offer includes four DVD rentals from any of its Redbox kiosks.

The company’s CEO Shawn Strickland is quick to point out that the Redbox Instant program is geared towards users who still value a DVD rental for newer movies but who also want to stay in and grab a quick flick on occasion.

Redbox Instant is already available for both Google Android and Apple iOS users, and it can be accessed on various smart televisions and TVs using the Google TV set-top box configuration. Redbox Instant also recently signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to feature its platform on the Xbox 360 console.

If you don’t have one of the devices listed above fear not, you can still watch Redbox Instant the old fashioned way: on your computer.


We can expect Redbox service to scale with more movies and potentially TV shows in the months and years ahead. At this time, the platform is simply a vehicle being used to test out the markets acceptance of a new and recognized brand. As Redbox learns more about what its users want, we can likely expect to get more out of the platform.

Will you be paying $8 for a one-month Redbox subscription, or will you stick with current options that are already available on the market?