‘RHONJ’ Star Margaret Josephs Talks Relationship With Danielle Staub Today

Greg EndriesBravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 is just a few days away, and the women of the cast are opening up about what to expect this season.

Margaret Josephs is returning for her junior year. If the trailers are any indication, things are going to get messy between Margaret and Danielle Staub. Today, Margaret is speaking out about her current status with Danielle, as well as her relationship with Marty Caffrey. The fashion designer recently caught up with TooFab, dishing on Danielle and Marty’s failed marriage. Margaret also took the opportunity to discuss if she’ll ever be friends with her former bestie again.

After Marty filed for divorce from Danielle just three months after their wedding, he called up Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno, to apologize and make amends with the couple. At the end of RHONJ Season 9, Margaret pushed Marty into a pool after he made offensive comments to her. For the moment, the feud between the two has stopped. Margaret explained that she has tried to keep Marty from going back to Danielle.

“I actually felt sorry for Marty because — and this is all public information — she publicly trashed his family, filed a restraining order on him, accused him of abuse, all those things,” said Margaret. “So I said to him, ‘After she has publicly trashed your children, your family, accused you of heinous acts, I would not want you to go back to her. I think that you’d be very sorry to do something like that and humiliate yourself one more time and be made an ass out of.'”

Some of that conversation will play out on Season 10, as Margaret and Joe can be seen sitting down with Marty to discuss what Danielle has done to each of them. The trailer also showed Danielle telling Teresa Giudice that Margaret broke up her marriage with Marty.

“I can’t be the cause of anyone’s divorce, but that she could not even take responsibility for that just shows her mental state. I’ll leave it at that. I just find it so entertaining.”

When it comes to reconciling with Danielle, Margaret explained that it is never going to happen. The 52-year-old said that ship has sailed, promising she would never make amends with the woman who once asked her to be a maid of honor. Danielle is only appearing in Season 10 as a friend of the Housewives, so Margaret won’t have to worry about dealing with her too much. Margaret is also expected to have some drama with Jennifer after the two had some serious fights in Season 9 and might not have mended fences.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 premieres this Wednesday, November 6 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.