‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers From Reality Steve Hint At Fresh Drama During Peter Weber’s Final Hometown Date

Ed HerreraABC

Blogger Reality Steve has been sharing lots of juicy The Bachelor spoilers over the last couple of months as Peter Weber films his season. Based on the latest tidbits from the gossip guru, Peter’s last hometown date is now over and there may have been some drama playing out.

Reality Steve shared via Twitter that Peter was in Iowa over the weekend to have a hometown date with Kelsey Weier. The former beauty queen was spotted greeting Weber in Des Moines on Saturday, and The Bachelor duo were filmed doing some interviewing and introductory footage near the Iowa state capitol.

Peter and Kelsey would have been slated to do some sort of activity during the day in Des Moines. One fan posted under a tweet of Reality Steve’s that she spotted Weber and Weier at the Summerset Winery in Indianola, so that may have been their main outing after being near the capitol and before doing dinner with her family.

Later in the day, Reality Steve’s spoilers on Twitter indicated that Peter and Kelsey went to a home in the Urbandale area for dinner. Urbandale is just outside Des Moines, and it seems that this was a house that production rented for the evening portion of the hometown date. Weber apparently was slated to meet Kelsey’s mom and stepdad during this dinner.

Some The Bachelor fans also managed to snap some photos of Peter and Kelsey outside that same house once dinner ended, and Reality Steve posted those via his Twitter page as well.

It was after posting the initial daytime photos by the capitol that Reality Steve’s spoilers hinted about potential drama on this hometown date. So far, he hasn’t revealed any specifics or even confirmed whether anything juicy did happen.

Reality Steve’s spoilers already detailed that the hometown date with Victoria Fuller did have some chaos and drama. Weber also met with the families of Madison Prewett and Hannah Sluss, and now he’s facing a rose ceremony where he will need to eliminate one of these final four women.

The Bachelor fans will be curious to see what, if anything, happened while Peter was in Iowa with Kelsey Weier. The spoiler king has yet to pinpoint any frontrunner of the final four, although fans are already doing plenty of speculating.

Will Peter Weber find love this season? The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve have detailed that Peter and his final three women will head to Australia next, with the final rose ceremony apparently taking place within the next couple of weeks.