November 4, 2019
Shawn Johnson's Fans Suspect She's Welcomed A Baby Girl With Husband Andrew East

Gymnastics fans have a hunch that Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson's baby has been born.

As of this writing, neither Shawn or her husband, Andrew East, has shared anything on their Instagram pages since October 30, which is incredibly unusual for the duo. Due to the couple's recent silence, many fans are beginning to feel suspicious that their baby has arrived. Not only that, but some fans have noticed that a pink onesie popped up on the couple's website, The East Fam.

For a while now, fans of Shawn and Andrew have been keeping an eye on the East family's website. The couple previously teased that they would reveal their baby's arrival by putting either a pink or green baby onesie on their site. Recently, a pink onesie was added.

Up until now, Shawn and Andrew have insisted that they do not know the gender of their baby. Apparently, the couple decided that they wanted to be surprised. It is worth noting that there are no blue -- or even neutral-colored -- onesies available on their website at this point.

Shawn was in a hospital emergency room recently, but it wasn't due to the baby's arrival. Instead, it turned out that she had injured her foot while petting a puppy and broke her toe. Despite the minor injury, Johnson has appeared to be in good spirits throughout the last few weeks of her pregnancy -- albeit a bit anxious for her baby to arrive.

The last post that Andrew and Shawn shared on their YouTube channel was on October 31, where they revealed their baby nursery. The post could have been pre-scheduled or uploaded by someone other than Johnson and East, leaving many fans to speculate about the possibility that the baby was born around Halloween.

"Shawn and Andrew go MIA on social media.... does that mean..... BABY????" commented one fan, responding to Shawn's last Instagram post.

"You're adorable! But please have the baby so I can stop checking the East fam website to see what onesie you post, lol," quipped one of Johnson's fans a few days ago.

"Hmmm... haven't posted in a while!" a third fan wrote.

As anxious as Shawn and Andrew's fans are to get the official news, they surely understand that the couple might want to spend some time enjoying the expansion of their family before sharing the news with the world.

Of course, people are still waiting with bated breath to get confirmation that the pair had a healthy baby. Many fans are also excited to see pictures and learn the baby's name. It seems likely that Shawn and Andrew will introduce the newest edition of the East family soon.

Update: Andrew East and Shawn Johnson's baby is here and she's adorable!