Olivia Culpo Rocks Tiny Bikini Bottoms And Wet White Top In 'Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition' Photos

Olivia Culpo recently appeared in a behind-the-scenes video for a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition photoshoot, and now she is showing off some of the snaps from her modeling session.

On Sunday, the 27-year-old model took to Instagram to share a slideshow of swimsuit photos and videos with her 4.3 million Instagram followers. The first slide is a snapshot of Olivia lying on her side at a beach, with the wet sand giving the image a glossy appearance.

Olivia is rocking a pair of tiny, white string bikini bottoms that feature high-cut sides. The bottoms dip low in the front, exposing her toned abs. In lieu of a bikini top, she is wearing a white crop-top that is soaking wet. The garment is tied in the front, exposing a bit of underboob. The former Miss Universe appears to be grabbing a strand of her hair in an attempt to move it away from her face.

This snapshot isn't likely one of the polished pictures that will be published in the 2020 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. In fact, the back of professional photographer Yu Tsai's head is visible in the photo.

The second slide in Olivia's post offers a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot, showing how professional photographers snap pictures that make it look like a model's hair is being gently tousled by a beachy breeze. As Olivia poses on her hands and knees, a wind machine can be heard being turned on and off. In the clip, she's wearing a black strapless one-piece that has extremely high-cut sides -- the top of the cut goes all the way up to the center of her rib cage. Olivia is also wearing a pair of fingerless gloves to complete the look.

The third slide is a still photo of the black bathing suit, which recently made an appearance in a behind-the-scenes video that was uploaded on the official Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition Instagram page. Olivia is exposing some sideboob, posing with her arms in the air and tangling her fingers in her hair. The model also has her eyes closed, wearing a blissful look on her face.

The fourth photo is another behind-the-scenes snapshot of the strapless black swimsuit. The fifth and final image is a more professional-looking picture, with Olivia rocking a sporty black-and-white bikini. She's leaning against an unusual rock formation, toying with a strand of hair as she smiles and gazes off in the distance.

In the caption of her post, Olivia thanked everyone involved in her Bali photoshoot. This will be the third time that Olivia has appeared in the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.