WWE News: Superstars Publicly Voice Their Displeasure After Being Stranded In Saudi Arabia


Dozens of WWE superstars and staff members were delayed in Saudi Arabia for around 24 hours after Crown Jewel, and the result hasn’t been pretty. The delays caused Friday Night SmackDown to be done on the fly and resulted in a lot of superstars having their lives turned upside-down. Due to the problems between WWE and Saudi Arabia, the superstars stuck over there didn’t hold back when publicly venting their frustrations.

Reports originally started going out that “mechanical problems” were the reason for WWE superstars being delayed in Saudi Arabia. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors are circulating that the real reason is due to WWE being owed money and “The Kingdom” not being happy that Vince McMahon didn’t televise the entire event.

It is known that Vince left the company not long after the show, and he was able to get out due to having his own private plane. The same can be said for Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jimmy Hart, and Paul Heyman, who all left in the same manner.

The official website of WWE issued a statement regarding the delays, and they still insist that the issues were due to “mechanical issues” and “aircraft problems.” WWE also included the social media reactions of numerous superstars, but most of them were positive and just happy to be home.

While looking around Twitter and Instagram, though, other superstars weren’t nearly as kind about things.

A number of WWE superstars commented on Luke Harper’s post with their own thoughts and feelings it. It is obvious that they were not thrilled about how things took place, either.

Scott Dawson of The Revival commented with “#poor” while Tyson Kidd said, “Next time we’ll pool our money together instead of being lazy.”

WWE claims that some were stranded on the tarmac for as long as six hours, while the plane was fixed and the issues were resolved. Some reports state that many superstars were held as long as 24 hours before being able to get into the air.

Curtis Axel hopped on his personal Twitter to send out the following message.

“Not in the #Top20? I’m #1 at home! We don’t leave each other behind. @WWE”

He included a middle finger emoji and a picture of him kissing his kid.

Karl Anderson of The O.C. made a very interesting tweet and wondered who may step up and speak out for the roster on this week’s Monday Night Raw.

It is blatantly obvious that this situation between WWE and Saudi Arabia has caused a lot of problems with the delays coming home from Crown Jewel. Superstars felt deserted by their company and have publicly voiced their displeasure with how everything happened and the way they were treated.