Saweetie Goes Braless In Pink Pasties Under Mesh Top & Reveals Her Freckles

Saweetie is keeping things sizzling on her Instagram page after sharing a series of popular Halloween posts where she dressed up as Harley Quinn. Since then, she's shared a new Instagram story, which was a behind-the-scenes look at her most recent post. The rapper was spotted in a risqué ensemble which was all about the mesh. The selfie that she took showed her posing indoors, as she rocked a braless look under a mesh top. She wore a furry vest featuring vertical stripes of black, pink and red, which helped censor her chest somewhat. Meanwhile, her shirt had a turtleneck, which gave way to black mesh. This meant that Saweetie's cleavage was left exposed, her pink pasties visible in the story.

The rapper completed her look by wearing her hair down in a middle part and rocking dark lipstick and eyeshadow. She also wore a large, sparkling necklace that read, "icy." She held the phone with her left hand and glanced at the screen for the shot as she gave a sultry pout. She also showed off her bedazzled, bright pink manicure.

Saweetie's look also included neon pink Hello Kitty faces, which decorated her forehead, nose, and cheeks. This was easier to see in her post rather than in her story. In addition, she also showed off her foundation-free face, revealing her freckles in the process.

The Instagram post was a closer-up look at Saweetie's face as she sported the same ensemble. Although the post didn't show off her outfit as much, she exuded very flirty vibes. In addition to giving a coy look, she placed her long nails on her lip. Although the Hello Kitty faces appeared to be a photo filter, the placements of the Sanrio character were exactly the same in both the post and story, which suggested that they were drawn directly onto the rapper's face.

Furthermore, the post allowed Saweetie to show off her nails, as the bedazzled accents on them turned out to be in multiple colors. Large blue, pink, and white gems decorated the base of her incredibly long manicure.

The post has received over 188,000 times so far.

"My favorite role model in the world," declared a follower, who received a response from Saweetie, who posted a red heart and face-blowing-a-kiss emoji,

"Aaaawww u got freckles? MADD pretty," gushed an admirer.

"Wait freckles???" exclaimed a follower.

It's not surprising that fans may not know about Saweetie's freckles, since she often posts photos of herself wearing foundation.

"Cuteness overload," raved a fan.