Instagram Bombshell Pamela Alexandra Has A Humorous Wardrobe Mishap In Latest Revealing Post

Pamela AlexandraInstagram

Instagram model Pamela Alexandra has a bit of a wardrobe mishap in her latest revealing picture, but she’s making the best of it.

The model took to the social media site this weekend to show off a very sexy pink outfit, with a form-fitting skirt and skintight top that were very flattering to her massive curves. While the Instagram picture itself was steamy, Pamela made it even more racy with a caption about her “cute little slutty shoes” that she showed off — or tried to.

As the model noted in the caption, she tried hard at coming up with the right description for the shoes, but it was all moot after the picture’s cropping cut them out almost entirely. The picture showed a bit of the left shoe and its very high heel, but the right one was missing.

Pamela’s fans didn’t seem to mind the missing shoe, sharing thousands of likes and scores of supportive comments.

“No caption needed,” one person shared.

“Thicka then cold peanut butter,” another person wrote.

The picture itself was part of the model’s partnership with Fashion Nova, a major online fashion brand that frequently taps Instagram models to show off their designs. Pamela tagged the company in the photo’s caption. Pamela often models outfits from the company’s “curve” line, using her curvier physique to help the company market its line of plus-size products.

Pamela has amassed a following of 2.7 million on the platform, largely through sharing these revealing photos, but she also gets some props from fans for her sense of humor. She frequently interacts with followers through her Instagram page, posing questions to users and leaving humorous remarks in the captions of her pictures and videos.

Pamela’s latest funny caption may be part of a concerted effort on her part to come off as a bit looser in her photos. While the model’s videos often show off her lighter side — including a recent one where she joked about the difference between her natural posture and the more awkward “posed” look she adopts for Instagram — Pamela remarked that her photos are often a bit too serious, and she was trying her best to change that.

The photo that Pamela posted this weekend with the missing shoe seems to go halfway. While her caption drew some laughs from followers, Pamela still looks quite serious in the picture itself, cracking only the slightest smile as she posed in the revealing outfit.