‘Playboy’ Model Sarah Harris Dresses Like Zombie Barbie Complete With Matching Ken

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Playboy model Sarah Harris gave her pink plastic Barbie Halloween costume a fun twist by re-imagining the iconic doll as something straight out of a horror movie.

On Sunday, the popular social media influencer took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her couple’s costume with her fiance, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Josh Williams. Sarah Harris decided to add only a touch of terror to her zombie Barbie costume. The Kiwi model mixed beauty with a craving for brains and blood by making it look like a piece of her mouth had been torn off. Realistic makeup on the left side of her face included blood and exposed teeth. The only other gore visible on the bikini queen was a small amount of blood on her neck that looked like it was meant to be a bite mark or a scratch.

The rest of Sarah Harris’ costume was a pretty typical take on Barbie. She rocked a strapless pink mini dress that clung to her famous curves, revealing a small amount of cleavage. She accentuated her shapely legs by slipping on a pair of matching pink heels, and she styled her shiny blond hair into perfect waves reminiscent of Barbie’s famous synthetic tresses.

Sarah accessorized her costume with a “Barbie” necklace, slim pink hoop earrings, a small pink hair bow, and a purse with a Barbie doll attached to it. She also struck a Barbie pose by keeping both elbows bent.

Sarah Harris’ real-life beau decided to go with a more extreme makeup job to transform into Barbie’s un-dead boyfriend Ken; his gory face paint made it look like he was completely missing his lips.

For the rest of his look, Josh Williams color-coordinated with his future bride by rocking a pink short-sleeved shirt with his white shorts. He also rocked a blond wig.

Josh and Sarah both posted photos of their creepy Halloween costumes on their Instagram pages, and they included lyrics from the 1997 Aqua song “Barbie Girl” in their captions. One of Josh’s pictures provided a closer look at the couple’s makeup jobs.

Some of Sarah Harris’ fans follow her on Instagram because they enjoy seeing her sexy bikini photos. However, many of her followers let her know that they also appreciated her recent snapshot of her more covered-up couple’s costume. Her Halloween post garnered 9,000 likes over the course of a few hours, and her and Josh’s bloody Barbie and Ken received dozens of compliments.

“So incredible. You guys are literally a living Ken and Barbie,” wrote one admirer.

“This costume is pretty damn sensational,” another remarked.

According to WZVN-TV, Sarah Harris and Josh Williams got engaged in Bora Bora back in September, so fans of the social media power couple from New Zealand will likely be seeing plenty of wedding content on their Instagram pages in the near future.