‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Wants Full Custody Of Ensley, Per ‘TMZ’ While David Eason Posts Throwback Pic Of Kids

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Jenelle Evans allegedly wants full custody of her daughter, Ensley Eason. The Teen Mom star also apparently has the 2-year-old with her after she made her divorce announcement a few days ago, according to TMZ.

The 27-year-old took to social media this week to announce that she and David Eason are splitting up, per The Inquisitr. Between the two of them, the couple has four children: Maryssa Eason (11), Jace Evans (10), Kaiser Griffith (5), and Ensley Eason (2). While Jenelle presumably has no say over Maryssa’s custody, a source told TMZ that Jenelle is already getting her ducks in a row.

The star has reportedly planned that if the case goes to court, Jenelle will file for full custody of Ensley, the couple’s only child together. However, it seems as if she’s not entirely against David spending time with his daughter.

According to the sources, Jenelle believes that David is a good dad. She apparently wants father and daughter to have contact but would just prefer if she has sole custody of their toddler.

However, Jenelle has allegedly not been as forthcoming about her plans for her older children. Jenelle’s two older kids, Jace and Kaiser, are not David’s biological children. However, David has been in their lives for a very long time and has played the official role of stepfather since their marriage in 2017.

Teen Mom fans know that Jenelle and David temporarily lost custody of the kids earlier this year. David had shot the family dog and authorities took the children from their home. They were able to regain custody of the kids a few months ago, but it seems as if Jenelle is ready for a new beginning.

She took to social media on October 31 and revealed that she was going to divorce her husband.

“Like anyone else I want what’s best for my kids and I want to be happy… The kids and I have moved away from David,” she said.

The post seems to suggest that she has all of the kids with her currently.

As for David, he shared a photo on Instagram in the early hours of Sunday, November 3. According to the caption, the pic is from last weekend and shows happier times as the kids enjoy themselves on a toy bus ride. Maryssa, Jace, and Ensley share the “Fun Bus” as they beam for the camera.

David also revealed that Maryssa wanted to have her ears pierced. However, they couldn’t find anyone to provide the service as she was not 14-years-old yet. The father indicated that he may get her a new pair of sneakers to make up for the disappointment.

It appears as if David has plenty of time for introspection and may already be missing the kids very much.

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