Kamala Harris Takes A Shot At Elizabeth Warren: ‘I Have Never Represented A Corporation’

Joshua LottGetty Images

At the Iowa Democratic Party’s Liberty and Justice Dinner on Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris took a shot at fellow White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren, Newsweek reports.

Without mentioning Warren by name, Harris referenced the Massachusetts Senator’s past work for corporations, while highlighting her own qualifications.

“I’ve only had one client in my entire life, and that has been the people,” Harris said.

“Unlike other people, unlike others, I have never represented a corporation,” she added.

During her speech, Harris also took aim at President Donald Trump, calling him a “national nightmare.”

In order to win, according to the California Senator, Democrats need to “fight against those who have been trying to push hate and division among us and have Americans turn on each other.”

“I am running a campaign based on a lifetime of fighting for working families,” Warren said during her own speech, without addressing the criticism.

As Newsweek notes, Warren has faced scrutiny for representing corporations such as LTV Steel.

In 1995, she petitioned the Supreme Court on behalf of the company, which filed for bankruptcy in 1986. However, a law enacted in the 1990s required the firm to contribute to a health care fund for retired coal miners. In court, Warren fought, arguing that the company should not be liable to compensate the workers.

As The Washington Post reported, she has also been criticized for representing Dow Chemical. In the 1990s, Dow faced thousands of lawsuits from women alleging that the company’s breast implants had made them sick. The women demanded compensation, and Warren provided legal advice to the firm, helping it limit the size of the payments.

Harris, although she has never represented a corporation, has faced similar criticism throughout the primary race.

As a prosecutor, Harris refused to take on the Catholic Church, protecting it against concerns raised by survivors of clergy sexual abuse, critics claim.

She reportedly opposed marijuana legalization, advocated for the death penalty, upheld wrongful convictions, and refused to embrace criminal justice reform.

Harris’ record came under scrutiny during one of the Democratic debates, when Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard listed some of the most problematic legal cases involving the California Democrat.

Harris entered the race as one of the perceived front-runners, but her campaign has all but fallen apart. As CNN reported, the California Democrat is fading in most state and national polls.

In yet another sign that her campaign is struggling, she recently closed three of her four campaign offices in the state of New Hampshire, firing every single one of her field organizers.