Big Names Missing From ‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Cast


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge Season 35, as well as the finale of The Challenge Season 34.

The Challenge Season 35 is currently filming, and spoilers have already given a look at 30 cast members who will be appearing in the next installment of the show thanks to the Challenge Vevmo page. Season 35 will see a hefty new batch of rookies, mixed with some of the biggest veterans who are making their double-digit return appearances. Only one veteran who is returning this season is shocking fans, as it was revealed Tori Hall will be making a comeback after nine years away from the show. It’s not who’s appearing next season that’s making waves, however, but who wasn’t cast that has some scratching their heads.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore would not be on the upcoming Challenge season, which might be the biggest shock of all. Some of their closest alliance members from War of the Worlds 2 (WOTW2) won’t be there either including Kam Williams, Natalie “Ninja” Duran and Turbo Camkiran. For now, it’s unknown if Turbo wasn’t asked back because of his altercation with security, or for a simple reason like being unavailable.

Another big shock is the absence of Leroy Garrett, a contestant making waves on this season of WOTW2. With Johnny Bananas landing in Season 35, it’s a surprise that one of his biggest allies ever in the game won’t be by his side.

Zach Nichols won’t be a part of Season 35 either, which is especially surprising considering his girlfriend Jenna Compono will be there with her bestie Nany Gonzalez. Zach’s absence is even more confusing since he makes the final in WOTW2, despite his team landing in second place. Competitors like Zack who perform well are normally asked back season to season.

Rogan O’Connor is getting his third booking for Season 35 but will be without his partner-in-crime Joss Mooney. The two were thick as thieves during WOTW2 and even go by the nickname “Jogan.”

Georgia Harrison became a fan-favorite after she debuted on the original War of the Worlds, but won’t be back for her third season this time around. Some fans are guessing she wasn’t asked back because of her recent blackface scandal. A photo of Georgia resurfaced from 2014 of her face painted entirely black, but reps for the reality star claimed it was innocent and she had her face painted at a child’s birthday party. Whether this is the true reason she wasn’t cast this time around is unknown.

Like Georgia, Theo Campbell won’t be appearing for his third reason either. Just a few months ago, the reality star suffered a major injury where his eyeball was nearly cut in half by a popped champagne cork. The track athlete is still recovering from his injury which likely his reason for not coming back for a junior season.

The Challenge Season 35 is expected to debut on MTV in early 2020.