Shanola Hampton Chokes Shirtless Steve Howey In ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Promo

Michael TullbergGetty Images

Steve Howey really revved up the engines of Shameless fans a few hours ago when he took to Instagram to share a promotional image of the Showtime hit series featuring himself and his on-screen wife, Shanola Hampton.

As those who have seen the Shameless promotional images floating around Instagram know, they’ve had a wrestling theme as they focus on coming back for “round 10.”

This particular promotional image featured a shirtless Steve Howey with a horrified look on his face as Shanola had a large chain wrapped around his neck and looked to be choking him. Hampton’s face was scrunched up and her brow was furrowed. She looked as though she meant business as she choked him out.

The promotional image featured stylish vibrant colored text in the background that said “Kev ‘Cheap Shot’ Ball” and “Veronica ‘Super Fly’ Fisher.” The neon-colored text was decorated with several stars floating around it. There appeared to be some sort of barbed wire behind the duo.

Shanola looked fierce in the image as she rocked a pink-and-black sports bra and matching leggings. While Howey was only visible from the waist up, all his followers could see was a sizzling display of muscular tattooed skin.

As most Shameless fans would agree, the promotional image was fitting for the relationship Shanola and Steve’s on-screen characters share. Veronica Fisher and Kev Ball have a very NSFW, S&M relationship that often involves being tied up, role playing, and costumes.

Notably, the relationship of these two characters has lasted longer than any other relationship in the series, as Shameless isn’t known to present their viewers with functional relationships.

According to the caption, Howey was reminding Shameless fans that the Season 10 premiere is just a week away. With the series having such a massive cult-like following, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the post was well-received inside of just a few hours.

The promotional image has been live for four hours and has been liked over 15,000 times with more than 50 of his followers taking the time to leave a comment. Howey’s co-star, Noel Fisher, was one of the first individuals to like the Instagram post.

“You both are so adorable together,” one follower gushed in the comments.

“The best thing to happen to television,” a second fan added.

“DOMINANCE,” a third commented.

“Go Veronica,” a fourth wrote.

There was a fair amount of confusion in the comments as many questioned whether Shanola and Steve’s characters actually got married in the series. Other questions included why the Season 10 premiere moved from November 3 to November 10, and when will Season 10 be added to Netflix.

As The Inquisitr has mentioned in several Shameless-related stories, Season 10 premieres next Sunday.