‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Brendan Robinson Is Feeling ‘Dapper’ In Latest Instagram Snap

Rich FuryGetty Images

Pretty Little Liars star Brendan Robinson took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a snap of himself standing on the red carpet of the Doctor Sleep premiere at the Regency Bruin Theatre.

At the front of his caption, the actor asked his 848,000 Instagram followers if they thought he looked “dapper.”

In his caption, he also tagged British luxury clothing retail company Ted Baker and thanked them for assisting in “dressing” him for the evening. The 29-year-old actor was giving off some suave vibes in his stylish suit.

Brendan rocked a charcoal colored speckled button-up dress suit with an attention-grabbing black and blue undershirt with a floral pattern. His suit jacket featured a navy blue and white pocket square that perfectly matched the undershirt.

In the snapshot, Robinson had one hand fiddling with the top button on his suit jacket while the other one appeared to be pushed into the pocket of his pants. In the accessories department, Robinson had had a rounded watch on his wrist with a black leather strap. The face of the watch appeared to have an orange glow to it. According to his caption, the watch also came from Ted Baker.

Brendan flashed a huge open mouth smile as he flaunted his pearly white teeth for the camera. The actor’s short dark hair was pushed back out of his face. Giving a lot of credit in his caption, he also tagged make-up artist Hannah Reed and thanked her for “grooming” him for the evening.

While Brendan has a much smaller Instagram following than his PLL co-stars, his fans did shower the post with over 3,500 likes and over 40 comments.

In the comments, most of his followers appeared to be overwhelmed with how adorable he looked in his suit jacket.

“Omg so beautiful,” one follower penned.

A second added: “You’re so sweet.”

“Perfect! I love you,” a third echoed.

A fourth chimed in: “Looking handsome.”

Robinson did have a few followers reassure him that he did — in fact — look dapper in the suit jacket he was rocking.

As he mentioned in his caption, he was attending the premiere of the fantasy/thriller called Doctor Sleep. While the film already premiered in theaters in Europe, it is slated to premiere in U.S. theaters this week on November 8th. According to The Average Socialite, the film follows Danny Torrance four decades after he stayed at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. The movie is based on a novel by Stephen King.