Joe Biden Hammers Elizabeth Warren In Email Amid Ongoing Feud: 'It's Almost Laughable'

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren continues to encroach on former Vice President Joe Biden's commanding lead in the polls, Biden on Saturday clapped back at the Massachusetts senator for accusing him of running in the wrong presidential primary.

According to The Hill, in a scathing email rebuke of Warren's accusation that Biden wasn't progressive enough for the party nomination, Biden fired several shots at the surging 2020 Democratic candidate which clearly laid out his loyalty and dedication to the party.

"Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren suggested I was 'running in the wrong presidential primary' because I believe in building on Obamacare — not getting rid of it. That's so wrong, it's almost laughable. I've been a card-carrying Democrat since I was 27. And I am running for president because of my progressive record," Biden wrote as he slammed Warren for being a registered Republican for several years before she was a Democrat.

Biden doubled down, tossing out a challenge to Warren for a debate on the issues, specifically on pieces of legislation that have resulted in "meaningful change" in America while taking a jab at Warren for her "I have a plan for that" messaging that she consistently uses.

"But to hurl insults because we don't share the same approach for the best way to get to the same goal…well that is something I would expect in the other primary," Biden wrote in the email to his supporters.

The former vice president also attacked Warren's proposed Medicare for All approach for solving the healthcare crisis, reminding supporters that for months, Warren refused to admit that taxes would increase on Middle-class America.

"Senator Warren would place a new tax of nearly $9 trillion that will fall on American workers," Biden wrote with regard to Warren's recent announcement of how much her plan would cost and how it would be funded.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks to guests during the Finkenauer Fish Fry at the Hawkeye Downs Event Center.
Getty Images | Joshua Lott

The public feud between the two leading Democratic candidates has increased in intensity as both battle to firmly claim front-runner status for the Democratic party.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after falling behind Warren in a number of early-voting state polls, a Friday Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of Democratic voters on a nationwide scale gave the 76-year-old candidate welcoming news, placing him in the top spot with 33 percent support -- a double-digit lead over Warren's third-place showing at 15 percent support nationally.

That poll came on the same day that Warren scored a notable victory in an Iowa poll conducted by The New York Times/Sienna College which gave Warren a decisive lead in the early-voting state with 22 percent support to Biden's 17 percent support.