Leonardo DiCaprio Praises Greta Thunberg

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest celebrity to praise Greta Thunberg for her activism efforts. This past Friday, the Academy Award-winning actor posted a photo of himself with the 16-year-old climate change activist on Instagram, where he stated that he hopes politicians will pay attention to what she’s saying.

“I hope that Greta’s message is a wake-up call to world leaders everywhere that the time for inaction is over,” DiCaprio said. “It is because of Greta, and young activists everywhere that I am optimistic about what the future holds. It was an honor to spend time with Greta. She and I have made a commitment to support one another, in hopes of securing a brighter future for our planet.”

The photo has received over 4 million likes at the time of this writing, with many Instagram users sharing their support for their cause in the comments section.

DiCaprio has been an outspoken environmental activist throughout the years. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to protecting wildlife and the environment, and has built several projects around the world to help the cause.

As documented by the BBC, the organization recently donated $5 million to help the Amazon rainforest after it was decimated by fires. However, despite his dedication to these causes, the actor has also faced criticism for using private jets throughout the years.

Thunberg rose to fame last year when she skipped school to protest outside the Swedish Parliament in a bid to demand more action to be taken against climate change. Earlier this year, she also gave a powerful speech to the United Nations, claiming that climate change is the foremost danger to the planet.

Earlier this week, Thunberg was awarded the Nordic Council’s 2019 Environmental Award. However, she declined the prize because she feels that the climate movement needs powerful people with the ability to instigate change to take a stand, as opposed to awards.

She was also a favorite to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, but it was ultimately awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. However, the teenager has inspired activism among young people around the world, having led thousands of students to join her FridaysForFuture demonstrations and make their voices heard.

As The Inquisitr reported on Friday, the 16-year-old also ruled out a meeting with Donald Trump. She believes that because the president has shown no interest in combating the issue — having previously dismissed it as a hoax — that a meeting between the pair would be a waste of time.