‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Shows Off In See-Through White Lingerie For Racy Instagram Snap

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Nata Lee took a break from traveling the world and DJing to share a very NSFW Instagram post with her followers on Friday.

The model and professional disc jockey — who has become known as the “World’s Sexiest DJ” — took to Instagram to share a shot of herself wearing white lingerie that was almost entirely see-through on top. The picture was a huge hit with her followers, prompting more than 265,000 likes and scores of supportive comments.

“Really appreciating your beauty,” one person wrote.

“WoW soooo beautiful,” another added.

The picture was part of what appeared to be a professional photo shoot for Gooseberry Intimates, a lingerie line that often calls on Instagram models to show off their products. Nata Lee frequently poses in the company’s lingerie, and has shared a number of other pictures from what appears to be the same shoot.

She took to the photo captions to share more information about the lingerie, offering links to the company’s Instagram page, which had more racy pictures of models wearing the lingerie.

Nata Lee’s Instagram feed is filled with plenty of equally revealing pictures and videos, including a few others that also teetered close to the line of Instagram’s strict no-nudity rules. Just before she shared the white lingerie shot, Nata Lee shared some of her Halloween looks with her fans, including a Captain America costume. The model stood at attention in the costume for an Instagram photo, with her hand raised to her head in salute.

The picture was popular with fans, but also a bit perplexing as some followers asked why the Russian model decided to dress up like the iconic American superhero.

She also shares a bit of the work that goes into maintaining such a tight physique. She posts some shots from her workouts, including a recent one where she went through a dance routine while wearing revealing shorts and a tight orange top.

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Nata Lee’s modeling work is likely netting her some nice revenue — as social media experts say that Instagram models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 follower they have, per post — but it also brings a nice side-benefit of allowing her to travel the world.

The white lingerie shot she shared on Friday was taken in Paris, and Nata Lee’s Instagram feed shows that she is often jetting off to tropical locations and cities around the globe. She has also shared shots from Thailand and Indonesia in recent weeks.