Wendy Williams' Halloween Costume Included A Whip And Fishnet Stockings

Wendy Williams went all out for Halloween this year, showing up on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday as a circus ringmaster. The television personality showed off her curves in the flirty ensemble and talked about how she would celebrate Halloween as a nearly single woman, according to People.

One of the center points of Williams' stunning outfit was a sparkling red cape she wore around her shoulders. Underneath she wore a a white blouse, black shorts, a sequined belt, and some ripped fishnet stockings. Her accessories included finger-less gloves, a satin top hat, and a long, thick whip. Her hair was lighter than usual, and fell down her shoulders in spiral curls.

The television host wore heavy eye makeup, including purple eye shadow that made her eyes pop. She completed the look with a pair of red-and-black Air Jordans, but they weren't her first choice of footwear. She wanted to wear some thigh-high boots, which she felt better went with the outfit, but her lymphedema made the boots too uncomfortable.

Williams has a chronic condition that effects her lymph nodes and causes her arms and legs to swell. She found out about the condition this past July and has been candid about how it has affected her life and fashion choices.

During Thursday's episode, Williams revealed her inspiration behind her unique circus ringmaster costume.

"So I am the ringmaster to a circus called The Wendy Show for 11 years. My brilliant showrunner David Perler actually came up with this outfit. David, you were spot on. And then Willie and Chanel in wardrobe, they put it all together."
As for actually celebrating Halloween, the star had no interest in passing out candy to trick or treaters this year, according to Page Six. Instead, she chose to leave a bowl full of candy out on her front porch so kids could take candy if they wished, but she wouldn't have to interact with them.

"I'm going to participate. I just don't want to be involved. I don't have a backyard anymore. It's not my fault," she said.

Throughout her Halloween episode, Williams made a few jabs at her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, who she filed for divorce from in April. At one point she pointed out "almost-single woman," and expressed her excitement about the fact that her divorce from Hunter will soon be finalized.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, she divorced Hunter because of his infidelity.