Savannah Chrisley Rocks Short Hair In Filtered Snap For A ‘Boost Of Confidence’

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Faith Chrisley took to Instagram yesterday to share a filtered snap of herself putting her short hair on display.

As The Inquisitr reported two weeks ago, Savannah shocked her followers when she took to her profile to reveal she had shaved off nearly all of her hair. While the front of the reality TV star’s hair did have a little bit of length to it, she opted to buzz the back of it off.

Savannah’s photo featured herself sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle as she rocked a black hoodie and a pair of large, stylish sunglasses. The reflection of herself holding her phone out the window while she snapped the selfie was visible in her sunglasses.

Chrisley had her head tilted toward the side with her one of her fingers resting near her ear as she smirked for the camera. While the sunglasses hid a substantial portion of her face, she did appear to be rocking a light pink lip color.

According to the caption of her snapshot, Savannah wasn’t interested in dealing with any trolls in the comments of her post regarding her decision to cut her hair. She also attempted to stop trolls in their tracks by noting that she did use a filter in the photo. She explained she needed the filter for “an extra boost of confidence.” She concluded the caption with a “noshame” hashtag.

While she didn’t go into any detail about what filter she decided to use on the snap, it appeared to give the photo a bit of a blue tint.

In 24 hours, her followers showered the snap with over 120,000 likes and over 3,000 comments. Many admitted they were a little saddened by her caption.

“I don’t think you need to explain urself. Most people use filters,” one individual penned in the comments.

“You always look on point!! Don’t ever doubt yourself!! Keep looking forward and don’t look back!” a second fan added.

“Filters really don’t make anyone that much different. I don’t know why they get so mad when you filter a dang photo,” a third chimed in.

Unfortunately, the photo was still met with a heavy amount of criticism. The overwhelming majority of the negative comments were focused on the length of her hair. One individual noted that she needed to consume things that made her hair grow back before proceeding to question her sexuality.

Savannah did have some followers note that while they were not a fan of her short hair, they still supported her.

Chrisley had a few individuals add that she didn’t need a filter to look fabulous. One follower even admitted that they wished they were as brave as Savannah when it came to wearing short hair.