November 16, 2019
Hailey Bieber Defends Normani After She's Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Cher Costume

Hailey Bieber took to Instagram to defend Normani after the "Motivation" singer was accused of cultural appropriation. The accusation appears in a comment on a post in which Normani is dressed up as Cher for Halloween. The costume consists of a fringed headpiece and angel wings and is a recreation of a photo of Cher originally taken in 1979. Normani created three Instagram posts of herself in the costume. The offensive comment is sitting under the most recent one.

According to screenshots published by People Magazine, the Instagram user had a problem with the fact that Normani dressed up as Cher because the latter is a white celebrity. But Hailey clapped back at that notion with her reply.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with Normani dressing up as Cher for Halloween," Baldwin wrote. "She can do it because she wants to, she is doing much better than you, you're behind a computer complaining about a costume. Stop being racist and get out of her page if you don't like it."

Screenshots of Hailey's comments were shared on Twitter and she received a lot of praise for standing up to the troll.

"Hailey defending Normani from a racist hater... That's my girl," one Twitter user wrote.

"Hailey Baldwin defending Normani and ending a racist Trump supporter, we stan," another added. "I don't want to hear any sh*t about her from y'all now."

"Ooop!!! Hailey said Normani can do whatever the f**k she wants" a third person tweeted.

In response to the story, fans on Twitter have also shared screenshots of Hailey liking and leaving encouraging comments on Normani's previous posts. This bolsters the theory that Hailey defended her because she's a genuine fan of the "Waves" singer.

Hailey also knows what it's like to be accused of doing something racially insensitive. As The HuffPost reported, in 2014, Hailey was slammed for tweeting that she would be going to Florida as a white person and returning as someone of a different race. She also added a turban emoji to the Twitter post.

According to the article, she deleted the tweet 15 minutes after it was posted.

Hailey later said that she was joking about her plans to get a tan while in Florida.

"I apologize if I offended anyone. Was meant to be a joke!" she wrote.

There's no word yet on whether Normani has reached out to Hailey to thank her for being supportive. Hailey does not seem to have offered any further comment on her defense of the singer.