AEW News: Superstar Responds To Becky Lynch’s Criticism Of Women’s Division

AEW wrestler Bea Priestley recently sat down for an interview with TalkSport, where she responded to recent comments made by Becky Lynch about the company’s women’s division.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, Lynch responded to Jim Ross’ recent criticisms of her boyfriend Seth Rollins by saying that she could beat anyone in AEW’s women’s locker room. According to Priestley, however, WWE’s women have it easier than them.

“Oh, I think Becky is one of the most charismatic females ever, but I think what people seem to forget with the women in AEW, we have not had any experience at the WWE Performance Center, we have not had years of training for television that a lot of other girls in the industry have had. We have been thrown right in at the deep end, straight on TV and we’re having to learn it on the spot in front of millions of people watching.”

For many members of the AEW roster, Dynamite and the company’s pay-per-views marked their first time performing on live television. The company has brought in many talents from the independent scene, where televised events aren’t commonplace.

WWE, meanwhile, trains their performers for television at a training facility before having them develop their skills on NXT. By the time the superstars appear on the company’s weekly live shows, they’re more than ready to handle the pressure.

Becky Lynch is one of the most successful products of WWE’s developmental system, and Priestley clearly thinks that it’s helped “The Man” in her rise to the top. Her comments also appear to be addressing general criticisms towards AEW’s women’s division, which is viewed by some fans as a work in progress.

However, ever since NXT moved to the USA Network back in September, the show has aired live. Therefore, some of the inexperienced roster members have also been thrust into a sink-or-swim environment and forced to learn as they go along.

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that Lynch was simply trash-talking AEW stars and staying in character. She has a tendency to call out wrestlers on social media, and it’s one of the many reasons why she’s so popular among the fans.

Priestley’s comments were very complimentary of Lynch, and they probably won’t add fuel to the current rivalry between both companies. In recent weeks, both WWE and AEW superstars have been critical of the opposing side, which is why Lynch made her comments in the first place.