Tammy Hembrow Rocks A Sailor Moon Costume On Instagram

Tammy Hembrow shared a couple of Halloween costumes with her Instagram fans this year. She kicked it off with an Incredibles family costume with her two kids, and also shared an update where she rocked a Sailor Moon outfit. These photos, which were posted nine hours ago, showed the Australian bombshell in a costume that closely resembled the anime character. Sailor Moon is a Japanese comic book series that was later adapted to TV in the early ’90s. It’s recently been gaining more popularity in the United States.

The model struck a fun and flirty pose in the first picture. She stood outside a modern building, as she flashed a peace sign with her left hand. Her outfit included a sexy spin on the traditional Japanese high school uniform, with a tight, white top and a bright blue skirt. The top and bottom appeared to be attached, with the skirt offering a good look at Tammy’s toned legs.

The top featured a bright red bow on her chest. She also sported a headpiece, along with an eye-catching pair of thigh-high red boots. She smiled slightly in the photo, and rocked dark eyeliner, heavy mascara, and pink eyeshadow. Her hairstyle was on-point, considering that the character also has blond hair. She kept true to the original by sporting high pigtails.

A second photo revealed her look from behind, as she wore a backpack with a white cat on it. The show features a variety of cats, with the white one being named “Artemis.” The cat has a crescent moon marking on his forehead, which was also part of her backpack.


The update has been liked over 243,000 times so far, and fans left plenty of compliments in the comments section.

“I was NOT ready!!!!” gushed an admirer.

“Fighting evil by moonlight,” noted a follower, who referenced the theme song for the show.

“Omg yesss!! I was going to be Sailor Pluto but I’m too pregnant,” expressed an Instagram user.

“I love you! So does my daughter! She was chibi moon this year,” shared a fan.

Those that can’t get enough of the model can also check out another post from yesterday, where she showed off her toned body in a sports bra and leggings. She posed in front of a car, and accessorized with a white visor. Her workout gear was black, save for a thick, white waistband on the leggings, which read “Saski” in black, all-capital letters.

That photo has been liked over 235,000 times so far.