Kaley Cuoco Looks Adorable Posing Outdoors With Her Horse Zane

Blond bombshell Kaley Cuoco, who most fans will know from her role on The Big Bang Theory, is open and honest about her intense love of animals. Kaley has worked with several animal-focused charities over the years and is very outspoken about animal rights issues, which are near and dear to her heart.

She also loves to share sweet snaps of her own four-legged friends with her 5.7 million eager Instagram followers — and that's exactly what she did in her latest update. In the snap, Kaley was enjoying some time with her four-legged friends in an outdoor pen. A mass of lush green trees was visible on the outside of the pen, and the sky was a clear blue and totally free of clouds.

Kaley rocked a button-down gingham shirt and a hat that covered her blond locks while also keeping the sun out of her face. She accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and was also carrying around some bags with her.

Kaley was partially obscured in the shot by the white fence encircling the enclosure, but she appeared to be having the time of her life. She was spending time with her horse, Zane, who she mentioned in the caption was officially a teenage horse. The gorgeous creature was a rich chestnut brown with a deep black mane and white coloring on his head. Several other horses lingered around Kaley in the shot, and the huge smile on her face said it all.

As she clarified in the caption by tagging the location, the photo was taken at Pomponio Ranch, which is owned by Kaley's husband, Karl Cook, and Eric Navet.

Kaley's followers absolutely loved the fun shot, and the picture received over 9,800 likes within just 28 minutes. Plenty of her fans are likely animal lovers as well, and they seem to love seeing snaps that highlight her four-legged friends.

"He's the cutest horse ever!!! You are truly an incredible person and your love for animals is really sweet!!!" one fan said in the comments section.

"Such a great picture, you both look so happy!!" another fan added.

"OMG, look at all those horses," another fan said.

Kaley recently revealed in her Instagram stories that she loves her animal friends so much, she even breaks her own household rules, as The Inquisitr reported. She shared a few Instagram stories in which she showed herself snuggling her pet bunny, Simon, in bed. While she assured her fans she wouldn't let him stay there all night, she couldn't resist a few minutes of snuggles.