Rita Ora Stuns As Dead Bride For Halloween: ‘R.I.P To The Girl You Used To See’

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Rita Ora recently took to Instagram to share her elaborate Halloween costume with her 15.5 million followers. The “Soul Survivor” singer pulled out all the stops when she dressed up as a dead bride.

Rita’s wedding gown was a white number with a low-cut neck, form-fitting bodice, and long sleeves. The dress was ripped in several places and the bottom front was torn to create the look of an asymmetrical hem. She wore black leather gloves that featured skeleton bones on one side and “RIP” in the palm of another. She also wore either a pair of boots with skeleton bones on them or a pair of skeleton stockings over a pair of high heels. A huge spider attached to the front of her dress added to the eerie look.

The post consisted of six photos and a video clip of her wearing the dress in several poses. The first snap showed her sitting on a bench holding up the palm of her hand, flashing the “RIP” letters on the glove and holding a bouquet of roses in the other. Another photo showed Rita standing amongst seats perhaps in a courtroom setting. One of the shots captured Rita just after she had walked down some stairs outside a building.

Two snaps showed a close up of Rita in the outfit. One showed her holding the roses up to her face and another showed her holding her head back and sticking out her tongue. The other photo showed Rita using an old-school phone with a somewhat terrified look on her face.

The video showed a close up of Rita’s dress with church bells and horror music playing in the background. As the camera panned up the front of Rita’s dress, she clenched her fist and lifted the bouquet up to her face and licked one of the roses. The clip ended as she walked toward the camera with a mischievous look on her face.

In the post’s caption, Rita wished her followers a happy Halloween and left a cryptic remark about how the girl they used to see was gone. Her fans seemed very impressed with her outfit, and many of them left fire and heart emoji in the comments.

“You always slay with your costumes,” one fan wrote.

Rita has a way of slaying just about any outfit she wears. She recently looked amazing in a little red dress that left little to the imagination.