Norwegian Bombshell Hilde Osland Sizzles In Revealing Orange Look That Flaunts Her Curves

Blond bombshell Hilde Osland, who is originally from Norway but currently living in Australia, is constantly tantalizing her 1.6 million followers with sizzling snaps of her incredible body. Her most recent Instagram update is no different, as she had jaws dropping with a revealing orange look.

The outfit that Hilde wore in the sizzling snap was from the brand Hot Miami Styles. She made sure to include that particular detail in case any of her followers were bold enough to grab the same number for themselves. The interesting ensemble had plenty of details that drew the eye to Hilde’s dangerous curves. The cropped top was almost a bandeau style on one side. On the other side, the fabric covered Hilde’s curves and stretched up to wrap around her neck in a halter-style way. The top dipped in the middle to reveal a tantalizing amount of cleavage, and the twists and turns of the skimpy top emphasized her assets.

She paired the eye-catching top with an equally scandalous skirt. The high-waisted skirt seemed to cover one leg, while the other leg was almost entirely exposed. There was a slit in the garment that went all the way up to her hip, with just the waistband keeping the piece on her body. Given that the outfit itself had so many details, Hilde opted to keep the accessories simple by adding nothing more than a gold bracelet and a gold cuff on her upper arm.

Her blond locks were styled in beachy waves and pulled into a half-up hairstyle. Her makeup was minimal, with long lashes and a peach-colored lip that accentuated her natural beauty.

Though many of Hilde’s photos are taken by someone else so her entire body can be in the shot, this particular one was a simple selfie she took in a mirror. The pale wood curved top of the mirror was visible in the shot, and behind her there was nothing but a large window and a mattress covered in white linens, sitting on the floor.

Hilde’s followers loved the sizzling hot look with Miami vibes, and the post received over 7,600 likes within just 15 minutes.

“You are the beautifulest woman I’ve ever seen,” one follower commented.

“You are looking stunning Hilde! That orange colour really suits you well,” another fan added.

Another fan simply said, “really appreciating your beauty.”

While the Norwegian stunner normally rocks beachwear or lingerie, she surprises her followers from time to time with other looks. Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted an update in which she rocked a pair of high-waisted leggings and a sports bra, for more of an athletic vibe.