Cosplay Model Liz Katz Rocks ‘Worst’ Halloween Costumes, Including A Hairy Nude Swimsuit And Sexy Mr. Rogers

Cosplay model Liz Katz took to YouTube on Friday to share her thoughts on what she considers some of the worst Halloween costumes of 2019. She tried them on before sharing her thoughts about the sometimes revealing outfits, which included a nude swimsuit designed to look like a hairy chest and the sexy Mr. Rogers costume that had the internet up in arms when it came out.

In her video, Liz begins by saying that she loves Halloween because it’s the time of year when everyone gets a little more into wearing costumes. However, in the popular cosplayer’s opinion, some mass-produced costumes are so terrible that they “shouldn’t even exist.” She tries a few of these on, beginning with a risque take on the red sweater vest, tie, and slacks that children’s television icon Fred Rogers wore on his beloved PBS series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Even though Liz often sexes up popular characters for her cosplay outfits, she initially wasn’t a fan of the sexy costume inspired by the “PBS poster boy.” In fact, she was so horrified by photos of the costume that they stunned her into silence for a few seconds. However, this didn’t stop her from rocking the tiny booty shorts and revealing red top with a plunging neckline. She even did a sexy dance while singing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” She admitted that she actually liked the costume after wearing it.

However, the costume that Liz Katz ended up liking the most was a nude swimsuit that resembled a man’s hairy chest, complete with a belly button and nipples. It had a scoop neck that showed off Liz’s ample cleavage.

“Honestly, I might actually wear this one,” Liz said. “Oddly, it fits me well.”

Liz Katz dubbed the bathing suit the “dad bod” costume, and she revealed that her biggest issues with it were that the butt crack was also hairy and that it had “deceptively tiny nipples” that were smaller than the printed-on belly button. True to her word, Liz did wear the swimsuit for more than her video review; she’s pictured rocking it in her latest Instagram photo.

Liz Katz also tried on a sexy Halloween costume inspired by famous TV painter Bob Ross. It included a pair of tiny Daisy Dukes and an afro wig that made Liz feel like she “was part of a ’70s cop show.” The costume also came with a stuffed toy squirrel that attached to the shoulder.

“If Bob Ross was a Disney princess,” she said of her verdict on that costume.

Liz even tried on an Anne Frank costume designed for children.

“If I try to wear this, it looks more like ‘The Diary of Anne Skank,'” she said. “Don’t worry, internet. I’ll cancel myself.”