‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown And Girlfriend Raiven Adams Break Up Again


Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are calling it quits again.

The Alaskan Bush People star and his 21-year-old girlfriend, who are expecting a baby together, announced this week that they are ending their relationship. Adams took to her Instagram stories to tell fans that they decided to split while they were taking a hiatus from Instagram. Adams explained that the two wanted to get on good terms with each other, assessing their relationship away from the fan input and scrutiny that they have faced on social media.

“We are doing well and still excited to be parents!” she wrote, as reported by InTouch Weekly. “Some people aren’t meant to be together … and we want to do what’s healthiest for our baby.”

The pair had been through an up-and-down relationship in recent months. They announced to fans at the end of August that they were getting engaged, but then just a few weeks later, they posted another message saying they were breaking up. That was followed a few days later with an announcement that they were expecting a child together and that they were giving the relationship another chance.

As The Inquisitr reported, Raiven took a break from Instagram in October after some very pointed comments from fans who questioned the baby’s paternity. Bear then left a message pleading with fans to leave his girlfriend alone and blasting the speculation that she was carrying another man’s baby.

“Everybody! Please stop sending Raiven disrespectful messages,” he wrote, as reported by PopCulture. “She’s is going through enough without naysayers spreading gossip! Raiven is pregnant with my child! We’ve been living in the same house for a while!”

It’s not clear what the living arrangement will be now that the pair are broken up, including whether Raiven had moved out of the house they shared.

Raiven’s latest message announcing their breakup looks very similar to the first post she shared during their initial breakup. That one said that she and Bear had “decided to stay friends” and mused that sometimes people are meant to be in each other’s lives, just “not in the way they thought.”

InTouch Weekly added that there may have already been some signs that the couple was headed toward another breakup. A little more than a week before they announced the latest split, Bear took to Instagram to share a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. about standing tall in the face of adversity, a message that seemed to hint at some troubles.

Bear’s Instagram page is now set back to private again.