Olivia Culpo Rocks Skimpy White Bikini For 'Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition' Reveal

Olivia Culpo recently popped up on the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition Instagram page to reveal that she'll be featured in the magazine next year. In a new video, the former pageant queen is wearing a white string bikini as she announces that the photo shoot is about to begin.

"Ok guys, we are about to do my first shot!" she says. "I am so excited."

According to the caption, this is the third time that the actress and model will grace the pages of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

Despite her excitement, Olivia later expressed concern that she'd have to descend a relatively steep cliff while clad in her bikini in order to get to their first shooting location.

"The only downside, no pun intended, is that I have to go down this steep...thing," she said while frowning. "So, we'll see how that goes. I'll let you know."

In the comments section, fans seemed excited about the fact that Olivia will be in the magazine in 2020.

"Yes, yes, yes. Olivia is AMAZING, the most beautiful woman of the Planet," one fan gushed.

Several others seemed to agree with that sentiment, using the post as an opportunity to compliment the former Miss Universe winner's beauty.

The video even inspired one fan to ask for Olivia's hand in marriage.

Olivia previously told her fans that she's in Bali on her Instagram stories, but didn't reveal why. It looks like she was keeping the news about the Sports Illustrated photo shoot a secret.

She'd previously posted a poll asking her followers if they thought she was going to Indonesia or China. As it turns out, fans who guessed the former were correct.

She also hinted that the trip was going to be exciting, likely another clue that she'd be heading to the shoot.

"Hey everybody, I am not in China, I am in Bali!" she said. "This is my third time in Indonesia. The last time I was here I was wearing a crown and sash everywhere. So, this is going to be exciting. All I remember is that it's hot AF and I'm starting to feel that already. But I'm so excited."

Olivia Culpo previously appeared in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition's 2018 and 2019 editions. According to a video diary of her experiences posted on SI.com, the 2019 shoot took place on Kangaroo Island, Australia. At one point Olivia posed with a python while wearing a green bikini. There's also a photo of her posing in the nude alongside the snake on her Instagram page.

In the clip Olivia jokes that after that experience, she could move on to posing with something a bit more dangerous.

"Next on my list is the black tiger snake, which is in the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world," she quips before laughing and pointing at the snake, which is lounging in the grass. "Everyone looks so nervous!"