'General Hospital' Casting News: Michael E. Knight Is Sticking Around A Bit Longer Than Expected

Kim Brandow

Michael E. Knight was only slated to be a part of the General Hospital cast for just a handful of episodes, but that is changing. The All My Children alum will be sticking around Port Charles for an extended period of time. The recent print issue of Soap Opera Digest indicates that the actor, who plays the new role of attorney Martin Gray, will possibly be involved in a couple more stories in the future.

Knight was first seen on air on September 30. He told the magazine that he got called to meet with General Hospital's executive producer, Frank Valentini. They had a chat and he was asked if he would be interested in staying on. Knight didn't seem to hesitate on making a quick decision. He said as long as he is wanted, he will be more than happy to stay. Martin Gray started out as Nelle Benson's lawyer as he tried getting her out on probation. He is apparently not quite done with her case just yet. According to spoilers by Soap Central, Martin Gray will be heading back to Pentonville to meet up with Nelle once again. There is no indication on what that is all about, but she may have another plan up her sleeve. Nelle is desperate to get out of prison and this new lawyer seems to want to take her case.

Gray was also involved in Franco Baldwin's case. He was adamant on helping Franco, who has Drew Cain's memories instilled in him, to live as he chooses to. He seemed to be very passionate about the case. According to Knight, Valentini mentioned that there are two possible storylines that may involve this new General Hospital character.

"Smart decision by GH....Michael Knight is an absolute Icon," one person said.

"I'm happy that he sticking around but he needs to lose the accent. To me it's just not a good one. That makes 4 lawyers I hope we don't lose one of the other ones," another fan said.

Knight was announced to be joining General Hospital in August. Many fans were hoping that he would come on board as Jeff Webber, Liz and Hayden's dad. However, that didn't happen, but there may still be a chance that this guy will be somehow connected to someone in Port Charles, as happens frequently on the ABC soap. It seems the writers will have more in store for Martin Gray.