Bella Hadid Channels Catwoman In Flirty New Instagram Update

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Bella Hadid got into character in a major way for Halloween this year. She shared a couple of new Instagram posts, both which showed her rocking an eye-catching Catwoman outfit.

The first update was a series of four photos, as the model channeled her inner Catwoman and emulated a cat’s pounce. She did this by posting three of the same photos in a row, followed by an image of her with her right hand extended in front of her. In all of the shots, Bella was seen holding the phone in her left hand, as she stood in front of a shower with clear glass walls.

The model’s outfit consisted of a black latex bodysuit, black matching gloves, and a face mask. The entire ensemble was shiny black, save for white stitching accents that added a new dimension to the look.

It was posted four hours ago, and so far, it’s proving to be popular. There’s been over 716,000 fans that hit the “like” button. Fans left plenty of nice compliments for the bombshell, including fellow model Hailey Bieber.

“Absolutely killed. I’m shook for u bby,” she expressed.

“I DONT HAVE WORDS,” gushed a follower.

Some people noticed that the phone that Bella was using was heavily cracked on the back.

“Phone musta shattered when u snapped these,” noted an admirer.

“But you need a new iPhone,” pointed out an Instagram user.

In addition, the stunner shared another photo that offered a different vibe. This time, she was seen closer-up, as she stuck her tongue out playfully. She also smoldered in dark eye makeup, while the red lipstick popped in the photo. Her eyes were emphasized with dark eyeshadow, and she rocked heavy mascara. Bella also held a whip in her hand, which was seen framing her face.

This update has received over 288,000 likes in the past three hours.

The model had more to share beyond just the posts, however, and served up a series of fun Instagram stories. She was spotted mingling with others at an event, while one shot in particular showed her standing up while baring her teeth. She was clearly feeling her costume.

Another shot revealed that she was at an event alongside her model sister, Gigi. And while Bella opted for a sexy look, Gigi went all-out as Jim Carrey’s The Mask. She sported a bright yellow suit for the occasion, and even painted her face light green.

Check out another post where she rocked a Fred Flintstone costume.

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