Blond Bombshell Anna Nystrom Sizzles In A Wrap Sweater And Nothing Else

Blond bombshell Anna Nystrom recently surprised her fans with a sizzling look that's a bit different than many of the outfits she has been wearing lately.

Recently, the stunner from Sweden has been sharing plenty of shots in which she rocks athletic gear, or tight black pants paired with cozy sweaters for fall. In her most recent Instagram update, Nystrom rocked a wrap sweater that was pulled around her body to cover her curves — and possibly nothing else underneath.

The blond beauty had on a sweater crafted from a thin beige material, with long sleeves that were slightly rolled up to expose her delicate wrists. She pulled the opening of the sweater to the side, until only a hint of cleavage was visible at the neckline. The fabric clung to her curves, and ended in a cascade of material that barely went to mid-thigh. Nystrom didn't appear to be wearing much underneath the thin piece of clothing, and her arms were firmly in place to make sure nothing got exposed.

Nystrom's blond locks had some major volume at the roots and were draped down her shoulders in a perfect blow out. She gazed off into the distance as she posed in her bedroom. A bed covered in white linens was visible behind her, and to her left, a vase filled with flowers was perched atop a table.

Nystrom kept the caption simple, just sharing an emoji with her 8.3 million eager followers to describe the shot.

Though the ensemble didn't show off her booty the way many of her other outfits did, her followers still couldn't get enough of her ethereal vibe in this particular shot. The post quickly racked up over 75,800 likes.

"It's like you were made by angels," one fan said in the comments section.

"She is sublime and so beautiful," another follower remarked.

"Oh that is a hot look Anna," a third fan said.

"You are so perfect OMG," another fan added.

The color palette in the picture didn't stray very far from Nystrom's usual vibe. Though she occasionally selects an article of clothing with a bit more color, or poses in a more vibrant location, the vast majority of the time she tends to favor very neutral shades, both in her clothing and in her surroundings.

For Halloween this year, while many celebrities and models on Instagram were showing off their costumes, Nystrom stuck with the neutral colors, flaunting her physique in form-fitting grey and black workout attire, as she hit the track for a sweat session.