Britney Spears Shares Bizarre Instagram Post About Being Wounded, Fans Show Concern

Britney Spears’ Instagram post on Friday had some fans wondering if things were okay with the pop star. Her latest update came in the form of a spiritual quote about being wounded from the 13th-century Persian poet, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.

In Britney’s post, a woman in a wrinkled white dress with black trim can be seen floating in the blue sky next to multiple white fluffy clouds. The figure’s face cannot be seen, but she has long, dark curly hair that falls behind her back. She also appears to be limp with her arms and legs hanging lifelessly at her sides.

The woman is seemingly being held up by white doves as light radiates from her chest. The quote states that wounds are the places on a person’s body where light can enter, which would explain the spiritual image.

Britney offered no context for the post and captioned the photo with just a simple pink rose emoji — one of her favorites to use on social media.

Although Britney herself did not appear in the post, many of the singer’s die-hard fans found the spiritual photo uplifting with over 18,000 of her 23 million followers rushing to click the like button on the photo. The update also garnered over 500 comments in just the first 25 minutes after it went live on Instagram.

However, others showed concern for the pop star, wondering if some new drama may be happening in the singer’s life.

“Are you ok queen?” one of Britney’s Instagram followers asked in the comments section of the post.

“Thank you for being so uplifting,” another fan stated.

“Wow. Now that’s powerful. I love this!” a third comment read, as the writer seemingly appreciated seeing the spiritual side of Britney come through in the post.

“Great stuff Britney! I love your content,” a fourth social media user wrote.

However, Britney did give the people what they wanted earlier in the day, sharing a photo of herself rocking her Alice In Wonderland Halloween costume.

The singer looked gorgeous in the ensemble, which featured a white apron over top of a blue dress with puffy sleeves. The costume showcased Britney’s killer legs and tiny waist. The pop star wore her long, cascading waves to her blond mane to snap the selfie. She added black heels to complete the look. The photo proved to be very popular, grabbing over 400,000 likes in the span of just four hours.