'Playboy' Model Lindsey Pelas Busts Out Of 'Ridiculous' String Bikini While Dressed As A Cow

Lindsey Pelas busted out of a barely there black-and-white string bikini in her latest Instagram update. The former Playboy model dressed as a cow for Halloween in the skimpy swimwear, which she deemed "udderly ridiculous."

In the photo, Lindsey is seen snapping a mirror selfie while sporting the smoking hot look and flaunting her epic curves in the process, as her classic triangle bikini top was a bit too small for her ample bust, and could hardly contain her massive cleavage.

Lindsey paired the bikini with a black-and-white spotted bow tie, some white furry cuffed bracelets around her wrists, and a headband that resembled cow ears and horns. The model posed with her hand on her side and her hip stuck out as she looked down at her phone in the photo.

Lindsey's flat tummy, toned arms, and curvy booty were all showcased in the costume, which was posted a day late to the social media platform.

The bikini-clad vixen also rocked a dramatic makeup look in the snap, sporting dark eyebrows, long lashes, thick black eyeliner, and a shimmering pink eye shadow. She included a bronzed glow, heavy lip liner, and a dark pink lipstick to complete the sexy style.

Lindsey's over 9 million followers didn't care that the photo came the day after Halloween, they still went wild over the shot, which earned over 46,000 likes and more than 850 comments within the first hour after it was posted.

"Beauty is here, attractive features are here, love u love u," one of Lindsey's Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the snap.

"Wow, Lindsey, I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you," another adoring fan commented.

"I see what you did there," a third social media user wrote, referencing Lindsey's "udder" joke in the caption.

"Whoah!! You are absolutely incredible!! Stunning," a fourth comment read.

As many fans know, Lindsey often showcases her curves in tiny bikinis and other racy outfits, such as Daisy Dukes and crop tops. She's one of the most voluptuous women on Instagram, and her fans seem to love that about her.

Just last week, the model shared a photo of herself sporting a very revealing crop top and some ripped up jeans, claiming that she hasn't been into wearing under garments as of late.

Lindsey Pelas also went bare faced in the snap, and claimed that along with not wearing underwear, she has also been going without makeup more often.