Steubenville Rape Trial: Girl’s Drinking Called Into Question On Day Two

steubenville rape case

Steubenville, OH – The Steubenville rape trial testimony has focused on the alleged victim’s drinking the night of the Big Red football team party. During the early stages of the trial, the 16-year-old West Virginia girl’s level of inebriation has been called into question.

Ma’lik Richmond, 16, and Trent Mays, 17, are the defendants in the Steubenville rape case. Witness Partick Pizzoferrato, a friend of the defendants, testified about the girl’s behavior during the course of the party. The teenager claims that the alleged victim was sitting shirtless on a street surrounded by her own vomit at one point during the Big Red party.

The teenage witness recalled thinking the girl was very drunk and joked about offering anyone willing to urinate on her $3 – there were no takers. Pizzoferrator thought the young woman was mumbling while sitting on the street.

Prosecution witness Julia Lefever, 17, also testified about the alleged victim’s alcohol intake. Lefever stated during the Steubenville rape trial that she and the alleged victim had shared half a bottle of vodka. The teenage girls reportedly mixed the vodka with slushy sodas. The alleged victim also supposedly had a beer before leaving with Trent Mays to go to another party.

Julia Lefever claims that she had never seen her friend become that intoxicated before. She thought the alleged victim became drunk extremely quickly. Lefever stated under oath that her friend was stumbling when she walked and slurred her words.

The prosecution’s case is reportedly focused on proving the West Virginia girl was too impaired by alcohol to give consent for sex. Prosecutors also plan to show that the Steubenville High School football players knowingly took advantage of the young woman’s “impairment.” Witnesses yet to testify in the Steubenville rape trial are expected to state they saw both defendants penetrate the girl with their fingers. A witness will also reportedly testify that Trent Mays tried to have oral sex with the alleged rape victim.

The defense attorneys maintain that a rape did not occur and that all sexual contact was consensual. Witnesses for the defense are expected to state they saw the girl walking, talking, and capable of decision making. Lawyrs for Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays admit that there was “some level” of intoxication but that consent was still granted.

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