Kate Beckinsale Poses Topless In Instagram Snapshot And Ponders A Popular Toasted Cheese Sandwich Topping

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Kate Beckinsale showed her 3.5 million Instagram followers just how comfortable she is in her own skin by giving them a revealing inside look at one of her recent hair and makeup sessions. In the snapshot of her beauty preparations, she’s wearing nothing but a lacy pair of underwear.

Kate often includes witty captions with her Instagram posts that leave her followers in hysterics. However, the British actress got extra-creative with the one that she conjured up for a photo that she uploaded on Friday. It included a musing about tomatoes and cheese “toasties,” which are a type of toasted sandwich popular in Great Britain.

In her black and white photo, the 46-year-old actress is topless, but she’s keeping herself from exposing too much to the camera by crossing her arms over her chest. She’s sitting in a chair while makeup artist Chase Aston applies color to her lips with a lip pencil. Meanwhile, hairstylist Italo Gregorio is busy working on the back of her slightly curled brunette tresses.

Kate jokingly wrote that the two men making her look beautiful were having a deep discussion about whether what we consider reality is actually just a simulation. According to the actress, Chase made the case for the theory, while Italo argued that there’s no evidence that “it’s physically even feasible for a posthuman civilization to create such a simulation.”

Kate revealed that her thoughts on the matter are that she simply can’t understand why some people put tomatoes on their cheese toasties.

Kate’s Instagram followers let her know that they appreciated the imaginative Underworld star’s amusing caption and the photo accompanying it by liking her post 66,000 times over the course of an hour. Her quirky post also inspired them to contribute to the seriously silly philosophical discussion.

“We live on the event horizon of some alien black hole, a hologram of long list information, and onion is a better addition to a cheese toastie by far,” remarked one fan.

“How the heck could they discuss such matters at a time like that,” another wrote.

This actually isn’t the first time Kate has combined nudity and a discussion about cheese. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she preached about the importance of being nude and eating the dairy treat during a recent appearance on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Kate and talk show host Kelly Ripa were discussing the joys of being an empty nester, which Kate became when her 20-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, began attending college. Kelly asked Kate if she was running around the house naked now that she’s home alone, and the actress quipped that this is something that she already did before her daughter moved out.

“I think it’s important to be nude as much as possible, and just sort of stand in your kitchen eating cheese and being naked,” Beckinsale said of her empty-nester philosophy.