Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Tight Abs As She Opens Up About Past Eating Disorders

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Ainsley Rodriguez, a Latina fitness model with over 1 million followers on Instagram, is showing off her chiseled midsection in the most recent photo on the social media platform.

In the photo, Ainsley is wearing a black crop top that’s partially sheer and gives viewers a glimpse of her cleavage. She paired that with matching leggings, which also have mesh panels.

The Instagram post isn’t just meant to be a showcase of her enviably fit figure. In the caption, Ainsley opens up about her past struggles with eating disorders and offers inspiration for anyone going through similar issues.

“Hi. I’m Ainsley,” she wrote. “I’m 28 years old and suffered from eating disorders including bulimia & anorexia for over a decade before I got my health in check.”

The Miami-based model went on to add that she was a serial “fad” dieter who would regularly switch up her eating patterns in an effort to keep her weight in check. She explained that this started when she was just 13-years-old.

“I always thought the next diet would be my means to ‘perfection’ but all every diet did was lead me to this never-ending cycle of deprivation and binging,” she added.

She went on to say that these habits caused her to see food as an enemy. Her healing, she revealed, came from eventually learning that she needed a lifestyle change and not another trendy diet.

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In the comments, one fan expressed surprise at learning that Ainsley was once anorexic and bulimic.

“I too suffered from bulimia in my teens,” they said. “To look at you, you would never have thought.”

Others cheered her on and said they were proud of her for being so open with her story.

“Wow girl, proud of you for sharing this and proud of how far you’ve come,” one fan added.

“So amazingly put! Shifting thoughts about all negative, into actually good thoughts is the key to a happier self,” a third Instagram user wrote.

While this appears to be the first time that Ainsley has talked about her eating disorders in such detail on Instagram, she has discussed her diet with her fans before.

In a previous Instagram caption, which accompanies a photo of her in a dazzling gold bikini, Ainsley stresses that while she shares healthy eating tips, each person’s dietary needs are different. She encouraged her fans not to eat something just because she recommended it, but to figure out what truly works for their bodies.