Cuban Model Aylen Alvarez Is A ‘Child Of The Ocean’ As She Rocks Skimpy Bikini On The Beach

Aylen AlvarezInstagram

Aylen Alvarez is back on the beach, showing off another skimpy bikini for a new racy Instagram snap.

The Cuban model took to the social media site on Friday afternoon to share a picture of herself rocking a very revealing string bikini, adding a caption that said she was a “child of the ocean.” The Instagram snap was a huge hit with Aylen’s followers, garnering more than 10,000 likes in close to an hour and attracting all manner of supportive comments.

“So stunning,” one person wrote.

“Looking like a mermaid,” another added.

Those who have been following Aylen’s Instagram feed in recent weeks would likely agree with her caption. The Cuban bombshell has shared a series of pictures showing off in and around the ocean, as Aylen’s work has her traveling to a number of different tropical locales where she models a series of revealing bikinis and skintight dresses.

As The Inquisitr noted, she has spent much of the past week in Panama and the Pearl Islands, a chain off the coast of Panama that is popular with tourists.

In another recent Instagram shot from the trip, Aylen rocked an equally revealing white bikini as she walked on the beach and told followers in the caption that she was going “treasure hunting.”

While many Instagram models tend to stay in front of the mirror or by the poolside, Aylen has gained a following thanks in large part to her jet-setting ways. As she shows off her own curvy physique, Aylen has also showed off pictures from the many beautiful locations she hits up, often using the captions to share with fans a bit of history and information about the places she’s traveled.

That was the case earlier in the summer when Aylen spent several days in the Amazon rain forest, sharing some messages about the dangers of deforestation and its effect on the natural resources. Her message came just a few weeks after a series of fires raged across the rain forest through aggressive logging and agriculture methods that have been promoted by the Brazilian government.

The world travel appears to be a major side benefit of Aylen’s modeling work. Her most recent post, like many others she has shared from her travels, was promoting a bikini from the online fashion giant, Fashion Nova. Aylen has gotten plenty of work through the company, which is known for tapping Instagram models to show off their designs.