Kendall Jenner Gets On Horseback To Portray 'Forest Fairy' In Halloween Photos

Kendall Jenner was on top of a white horse in a recent Instagram photo series as she showed off her "forest fairy" Halloween costume. The outfit consisted of a gold feathery dress that had been cinched at the waist, accentuating the model's subtle curves. She also wore iridescent golden wings and a headpiece.

The photo accumulated more than 2 million views and more than 11,000 comments in the first hour after the picture had been posted.

Among those comments, many fans seemed captivated by her depiction while some comments came from Instagram accounts belonging to her famous family members.

"Omg on the horse!!!! So beautiful!!" wrote her sister Kim Kardashian West.

"Like who are you," Khloe Kardashian asked.

Her famous friends chimed in too.

"Yoooooo Marry Me," fellow high-fashion model, Joan Smalls added.

But her non-famous followers left most of the comments and many were enthusiastic in their praise of Kendall's photos.

"Girl!!!! What!!!! Pony fairy dreams!!! This is so so good!!" one fan gushed.

As People Magazine reports, Kendall wore the outfit to her 24th birthday party which was held on Halloween night even though her birthday is actually on November 3.

In her Instagram stories, she shared a behind-the-scenes look at how she prepared for the night. In the first clip, she's dressed in a super-short black nightgown and a matching sheer fur-trimmed robe.

Later, during the beginning of her transformation, she was wearing eye makeup and a pair of elf ears. Then she took a mirror selfie while wearing a gold feathered dress before finally adding the wings and headpiece to complete the look.

Her Instagram stories also gave viewers a smattering of glimpses into the festivities. The wait staff had been dressed in replicas of the sparkly orange gown she wore to this year's Met Gala.

Kendall also revealed some of the costumes her famous friends chose to wear.

In one clip, Gigi Hadid was dressed as Jim Carey's character from The Mask. Her sister Bella was rocking head-to-toe black leather for her Catwoman depiction. Based on the white stitching on her outfit, her inspiration seemed to be Michelle Pfeifer in her performance in 1992's Batman Returns.

Actor Luka Sabbat was also there, dressed in a leather mask, pants and harness. Jaden Smith made an appearance in Kendall's stories and he was dressed like rapper Tyler The Creator.

Based on the videos, Kendall's guests apparently had a great time.