‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Jax Threatens Nikolas As Plans Face Hiccups

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

Spoilers for this week of General Hospital had teased that numerous bombshells would drop and that was definitely the case. Fans have suspected for the past few months that it would turn out that Nikolas Cassadine was still alive, which is now known to be true, and Friday’s show confirmed another viewer theory.

Ever since Hayden Barnes and Jasper Jacks were revealed to be working together on some secret Cassadine project, viewers have wondered if they might have known that Nikolas was still alive. During Thursday’s episode, fans finally saw that Nik is indeed alive and back in Port Charles.

The next bombshell dropped at the end of Friday’s show.

Jax texted Hayden late on Halloween night and told her to head to his place because plans had changed. Once she arrived, Nikolas stepped into the living room. That scene not only confirmed that Nik is truly back and isn’t a hallucination of Ava’s, but it also proved that fans were right in thinking that Hayden and Jax already knew the Cassadine heir was still alive.

The sneak peek for Monday’s show teases that things will get tense between Nikolas and Jax. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jax will basically threaten that once this deal stops being attractive, he’s out. It sounds as if Jax is cautioning Nik that he’s still game to pursue this search for Mikkos’ codicil unless things get too messy. Unfortunately, it looks as if things might get messy in short order.

Nikolas didn’t anticipate being confronted by Ava and he was quick to leave the gallery as soon as she passed out. Sadly, due to Ava’s recent emotional turmoil and excessive drinking, Laura didn’t believe Ava when she swore she’d seen the supposedly-dead Nik. Laura thought nothing of mentioning this detour at the gallery to Jax, as she would have no way of knowing that Jax knows that Laura’s not-so-dead son is still alive and working on a deal with him.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Nikolas won’t be revealing himself to Laura or to anybody else in Port Charles for a bit yet. During the coming week, Jax will stop Laura in some way. It seems likely this is a signal that Jax will intervene in some type of situation to prevent Laura from finding out about Nikolas.

Laura and Jax had already been talking about Helena’s portrait being at Ava’s gallery. Now that she’s checked herself into Shadybrook, it would seem that perhaps they’ll be able to get their hands on that painting without any interference. However, there is clearly much more to come before this Cassadine mystery is fully played out.

When will Nikolas reveal himself? There are a lot of unknowns about this storyline at this point, but General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be fairly fast-paced in the weeks ahead and fans are eager to see where all this heads next.