November 1, 2019
Donald Trump Announces 'Louisiana, I'll See You Tonight' A Few Hours Before Rally In Mississippi

Donald Trump had a difficult time keeping his travel plans --- and his geography --- in order on Friday.

Just before before the president was scheduled to visit Mississippi for a "Keep America Great" rally, Trump took to Twitter to announce that he was ready to head to the state of Louisiana. The tweet was soon deleted, but the New York Times caught the erroneous message.

"Louisiana, I'll see you tonight," Trump wrote, saying that he was planning a "Big Rally for Eddie [Rispone]," the Republican running for governor in Louisiana.

The error was seized on by Bennie Thompson, the only Democratic Congressman from Mississippi, who referred to Trump as "46-1" in a tweet demeaning the president by saying that Trump was "showing his blatant ignorance."

Donald Trump has been slammed for getting geography wrong in the past. Last week, he told supporters at a rally that there has been a new border wall built in Colorado, a state more than 400 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico.

While Trump will actually be in Mississippi on Friday night, he has been to Louisiana recently as he rallied for Rispone. Louisiana has a runoff for the governor's race after incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards failed to reach the 50 percent threshold in a "jungle-style" primary. Rispone has been a vocal supporter of Trump, and earned the president's stamp of approval as Trump made a campaign visit to Louisiana last month.

Trump will be back in Louisiana again before the November 16 runoff election, making that stop the first presidential visit to northeastern Louisiana since Ronald Reagan in 1983.

The race in Louisiana has some unusual dynamics, with the Democratic governor actually touting his close connections to Trump in an effort to win over the state's largely conservative voter base. As The Advocate noted, Johnson's campaign seized on Trump's announcement of a visit for Rispone by claiming that his endorsement of the Republican candidate is not exactly full-throated.

"It's no surprise that when it's time for politicking, the president is doing what's expected of him and supporting a member of his political party. But when it comes time for governing, Gov. Edwards will continue the good working relationship he and President Trump have had," Edwards campaign spokesman Eric Holl said.

Holl added that Gov. Edwards has made nine trips to Trump's White House. He has worked closely with the president on a number of issues affecting Louisiana, including criminal reform and the opioid epidemic.