Anouk Matton Sizzles In White Angel Halloween Costume & Fans Love It

Anouk Matton finally shared photos of her Halloween look with her Instagram fans today. It turned out that the DJ opted for a white angel costume.

The first of the two photos Anouk shared showed her crouching close to the ground with her left knee propped up. Her left hand was by her mouth, while she gazed at the camera with a coy expression on her face. Her ensemble included a white bodysuit, angel wings and a halo. She completed her costume with white stockings, lacy gloves and a pair of eye-catching boots. The high heel boots featured pink flame accents.

In addition, the DJ transformed her usual blond locks into mostly white ones to match the rest of her angel costume. Her makeup told a different story, however, as she opted for dark tones. She rocked dark mascara and eyeliner, with several lines drawn below her eyelids. She also sported dark lipstick, which she slightly smeared for a dramatic effect.

The second photo of the set showed Anouk posing alongside her friend, Cilem Tunc, who rocked a “Sweetheart Harlequin” costume, according to her Instagram post. This shot revealed that the bodysuit that Anouk wore featured a lace accent in the front. The two were captured posing in front of a large, stone fireplace.

The Halloween costume update was liked over 12,000 times at the time of publishing. Fans gushed about Anouk in the comment section.

“Omg wauuuuuw you are goals,” one follower raved.

“You should win an award for the best & hottest halloween outfit as well,” an admirer noted.

One fan gave a shout-out to the DJ, referring to an upcoming appearance.

“Happy Halloween @mattnworld See you tomorrow at the Villa,” the fan said.

However, Anouk responded with some news for the fan.

“I wont be playing there tomorrow unfortunately,” she wrote.

In addition to the post, Anouk shared several Instagram stories that revealed just how much fun she and Cilem were having. The first available update showed them crouching close to the ground posing together, while the DJ held her phone up to take a photo. The second picture showed them hanging out in a room with low lighting. The final video was a clip of the pair dancing up a storm. It’s clear from their dance moves and how they interacted with each other in the footage that they’re good friends.

Followers can keep an eye on Anouk’s social media for new updates. In the meantime, those who can’t seem to get enough of the blond bombshell should check out a prior post where she rocked a bikini.