‘The Killing’ Season 3 Will Stream Exclusively On Netflix

The Killing Netflix

The Killing season three will stream exclusively on Netflix following its cable premiere.

Fox Television Studios and Netflix announced that the third season of the drama will debut three months after the season finale airs on AMC.

“We’re excited to see ‘The Killing’ back on TV and we’re especially proud to bring season three to our members so soon after it premieres on AMC,” Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained. “‘The Killing’ is a terrific serialized drama and we know our members love these high-quality shows.”

Fox Television Studios president David Madden credited Netflix with helping the show find an broader audience after it was cancelled by AMC. The first two seasons of The Killing are currently available to subscribers in the US and Canada. Other territories will receive the show in the next few months.

“Our showrunner, Veena Sud, has plunged our principals into new and dangerous worlds, with wicked twists and a climactic end-of-season resolution, and our acclaimed cast, including Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, and new cast member Peter Sarsgaard, are already thrillingly bringing it to life,” Madden said.

He added, “We are delighted to be in business with Netflix to deliver season three, as well as past seasons of ‘The Killing’ to a broader audience.”

The Killing Season 3

Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder will return in The Killing season three to solve a gruesome string of murders. Although Linden is no longer a detective, she is soon drawn into the search for the individual responsible for these crimes.


Veena Sud said she was thrilled that AMC was giving the go-ahead for another season of The Killing. The show was originally cancelled after just two seasons.

“I couldn’t be happier to know that I will be returning to work with AMC, FTVS and Mireille and Joel on what is and has always been a passion project for me,” Sud explained. “To the fans that have supported the series, thank you for doing so. My team and I will work hard to deliver the best story that we can for season three.”

Are you excited for the next season of The Killing? Are you glad the series will stream on Netflix?