Sara Underwood Flaunts Cleavage In Christmas Pajamas: ‘Too Soon?’

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood seems to be kicking off the holiday season early this year with her latest Instagram post in which she flaunts her cleavage in a set of Christmas pajamas.

The post consisted of two photos in which Sara stood in the doorway of her tiny cabin in the woods. She wore a onesie that featured a festive Christmas pattern that included holly leaves, snowflakes, and hearts. The pajamas also had red pompoms attached to drawstrings on a hood. The ensemble featured a zip closure in the front, which Sara had pulled down a few inches above her waistline, showing off plenty of cleavage.

The first snap was a close-up shot of Sara, who was fresh-faced and smiling behind a Santa Claus mug that she held up to her face. The photo gave viewers a nice look at Sara’s ample chest. The second shot showed more of Sara’s body in the onesie as she struck a cute pose and smiled for the camera.

The beauty looked to be wearing very little, if any, makeup in the snaps. She wore a bright red color on her nails to go along with the festive theme. She styled her hair with two small ponytails on the top of each side of her head to give her a fresh, out-of-bed look.

In the post’s caption, Sara wondered if it was too soon to be posting Christmas-themed photos. She also said the cute onesie was from fashion brand Fashion Nova.

Some of Sara’s fans weighed in on whether it was too early to get into the Christmas spirit.

“Not if you look like that…” one admirer joked.

“It is definitely too soon lol… but you look amazing in it, so it’s ok …” a second fan wrote.

Other followers had differing opinions.

“Mad cute but you just couldn’t wait until after thanksgiving, could you?” joked one fan.

“Way too soon! But very smoking hot,” another fan wrote.

Sara has a knack for looking smoking hot in her snaps. Most of her updates show her in outfits that are quite a bit more revealing. She recently thrilled her fans wearing a sexy pink outfit that showcased her figure. One of her more popular posts in recent weeks showed her showering in a micro bikini that left little to the imagination. Regardless of what she is wearing, she is always stylish and chic.

Fans wanting to keep up with Sara can check out her Instagram account.