Julianne Hough Embraces ‘Healing Powers Of The Ocean’ After Difficult Month

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images for GirlUp

America’s Got Talent judge, dancer, and actress Julianne Hough has navigated some intense challenges over the past month or so, but her latest Instagram post shows that she recently decided she was ready to relax and reset. It appears that Hough decided that a brief stay in Mexico was the perfect way to accomplish this and she was ready to let the gorgeous setting work its magic in boosting her spirits.

Just a few weeks ago, Hough said her dogs, Harley and Lexi, had suddenly died. Neither Julianne or her husband, Brooks Leich, have shared specifics regarding what happened to the two dogs. However, they did note that it was a tragic situation and that both dogs died on the same day. Those who follow Julianne and Brooks know that those dogs were their babies and that they’ve struggled with their grief in the wake of the sudden passing of the two beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

In an effort to kickstart some healing, Julianne visited Los Cabos, Mexico where she booked a spot at the luxurious Nobu Hotel. On Friday morning, Hough shared a gorgeous photo on her Instagram page that showed her in the water while wearing a bathing suit. She was photographed swinging her short, blond hair back over her head after having it in the water, creating an incredible image as the water sprayed in an arc.

Hough didn’t mention Harley and Lexi by name in this new post. Instead, Julianne kept things relatively vague by noting that she’s been working through a month of hardship. She added that she was grateful to get a few days away and that she has been letting the ocean cleanse and heal her.

About 5 million people follow Hough’s Instagram page and many did not hesitate to step up and show their support for this new photo and caption. More than 20,000 people liked Julianne’s post in less than 45 minutes after it initially went live on her page and people added dozens of comments as well.

“@juleshough wow Julianne. This is one amazing, incredible, beautiful, powerful picture,” noted one impressed follower.

“This pic is INCREDIBLE!!” exclaimed another stunned fan.

“You are such a beautiful woman,” shared another supporter of Julianne’s.

Julianne Hough has been sharing plenty of updates on her Instagram page in recent weeks with tidbits about her current and upcoming projects. She’s definitely got a lot of fun stuff in the works, but it looks like she was due for a quick break away from all of the chaos. Fans hope that the America’s Got Talent star can return home feeling rejuvenated. It certainly seems she’s off to a great start while making her way through the process.