Teen Activist Greta Thunberg Says It Would Be A ‘Waste Of Time’ To Meet With Donald Trump On Climate Change

Stephanie KeithGetty Images

Teen activist Greta Thunberg doesn’t see any point to try to convince Donald Trump about the dangers of climate change.

The 16-year-old appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to talk about her campaign to raise awareness of climate change and push world leaders to take action. However, she said that Trump appears to be beyond convincing.

When DeGeneres asked if she would ever consider a sit-down meeting with Trump to help him understand the issue, Thunberg said she had no interest, USA Today noted.

“I don’t understand why I would do that,” Thunberg said to applause from the audience. “I don’t see what I could tell him that he hasn’t already heard, and I just think it would be a waste of time, really.”

Thunberg’s campaign to address climate change has found worldwide support, leading many other teens to take part in climate protests. But amid the growing momentum to take action against climate change, the American president has remained hesitant to act, or to even acknowledge the problem. Trump, who infamously referred to climate change as a Chinese hoax meant to hurt the American economy, has peeled back environmental regulations and backed out of the Paris Climate Accord, which pledged the United States to reduce carbon emissions.

Trump has been dismissive of Thunberg in the past as well. As CNN noted, Trump mocked the teenage activist back in September after she tore into world leaders at the United Nations climate summit.

“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” Trump wrote on Twitter alongside a video of Thunberg’s remarks at the conference.

Trump’s message drew massive pushback since his Twitter attacks had previously been reserved for his adult adversaries. Thunberg’s remarks to the summit refrained from addressing Trump by name, though her admonitions about a world leader who failed to take action were seen by many as a slam against the American president.

This is not the first time Thunberg has called out Trump for a lack of caring to understand climate change. Back in August, Thunberg said that she wished Trump would listen to the scientific consensus on the dangers of climate change, but said it was obvious that he didn’t.

Thunberg did have time for Trump’s predecessor, however. In September, she met with former President Barack Obama to talk about her climate activism and the progress of the worldwide movement she sparked.